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* Huge Snow Storm – People will be looking at YOUR ADS
* $1 Solos to over 7800
* Commissions Unleashed Instant Commissions Site has Launched
* Double Your Profits
* A Traffic Strategy

Blizzard of 2016
At least in the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions of the US, thyey are predicting 20-26 inches of snow, up to 50 MPH winds, and “white-out” conditions.  States, counties, and municipalities have ALREADY declared state of emergency.  That means that people will be staying HOME, with little else to do but shovel snow, and PLAY ON THE INTERNET (providing they have heat, power and Internet connections).  Football season is over, hockey teams will have games canceled, and many of the normal distractions will be on hold.
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$1 Solos to over 7800 at WebcastSource.net
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Commissions Unleashed – Instant Commissions Site 
Commissions Unleashed has launched. You can still get incredible values in the OTO (one-time offer) with which you can receive not only a deeply discounted LIFETIME membership, and over $450 in free ads.  The first OTO offers a GOLD Lifetime Instant Commission membership that earns 50% commissions, and gets a generous monthly allocation of ads (free members do not get monthly ads).  At only $17, you can be at least at BREAK EVEN with only TWO REFERRALS.
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People say all the time that they cannot get referrals.  I WILL TEACH YOU HOW to start building your list of targeted BUYERS who will not only JOIN (they become YOUR DOWNLINE), but purchase UPGRADES and ADS that pay YOU commissions! 

So, being the skeptic that you are, your question is, “How Much Will It Cost”?  That’s a loaded question.  What I can tell you is that if your GOAL is to make money, you need to promote where BUYERS hang out, and while the probability is very small that you will find that on free safelists, you have a MUCH HIGHER PROBABILITY of finding them if promoting to sites that has a large percentage of PAID MEMBERS.

You need to continuously reinforce the BENEFITS of a site and upgraded membership with YOUR LIST with an Autoresponder.  No worries: Lifetime, one-time membership to unlimited capture pages, unlimited campaigns, and unlimited subscribers at Team Elite Responder is only $7, and there are dozens of done-for-you autoresponder campaigns to get you started, 
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Once you get your autoresponder, I will share my blog that contains campaigns for all of my sites including Commissions Unleashed and Your Lucky Fast Cash Instant Commissions sites, WebcastSource.net (this site), Giant Profit Ads and Mad Cow Ads.

Sites that have a high percentage of PAID MEMBERS are likely to give you substantially better results with your promotions.  Promoting something that they NEED (traffic and multi-stream income), will definitely give you better odds in the “Numbers Game” we call network marketing.

Commissions Unleashed has launched, and in less that 2 months, has grown to over 220 members.  Over 33% are PAID MEMBERS (buyers).  Normal ratio of free to paid members is generally 8:1 (5%-10%).  Almost $2000 was paid out in Instant Commissions. 

It all starts with an investment of $17 for the OTO Gold Membership that includes $450 in ads.  The next step up in the OTO is PLATINUM for $97 and the Platinum member earns 75% of sales (admin gets the first sale, Platinum member gets the next THREE sales regardless of the value)  If you get ONE REFERRAL as a GOLD member where one of your referrals upgrades to PLATINUM, YOU ARE IN PROFIT!

Assuming you only go for Lifetime GOLD and the TER autoresponder, that is a one-time investment of $24.00!  Where else have you seen ANYONE start a profitable business for $24? Try opening a McDonalds or hardware store where the franchise fees are probably more than the mortgage value of 20 of your neighbor’s homes.  Most franchised businesses are in the RED for 5-7 years.

Double Your Profits

In our advertising community, you can DOUBLE your profits by joining, upgrading, and promoting another Instant Commissions site, Your Lucky Fast Cash,  This is an established site with over 490 members and a 12% (above average) ratio of paid to free members.
>>>>> http://av.id.ly/SnpcY

A Traffic Strategy

Understand, from my ebook, “A Traffic Strategy”,  the way to model your OWN business after my own successful business…  and I am here to HELP (my consulting is FREE).  You simply need to ASK!
>>>>> http://webcastsource.com/ATrafficStrategy

I would like to wish all our East Coast US members and their families a safe and warm Blizzard of 2016 Weekend!

As always, please feel free to contact me with questions, if you want a demo, or are curious about other resources I can share with you.

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