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May 26, 2015

So… What would it take to get you to Join and become an ACTIVE MEMBER?
WebcastSource. net is new.

WebcastSource. net is different.

So, what would it take to get you to be an ACTIVE MEMBER?

1. Traffic?

All members get to start:

  • 25 Sites Entries
  • 100 guaranteed visitors for referrals
  • 20,000 safelist credits
  • 1000 safelist credits to refer anyone to join under you.

A FREE member gets

  • Member Mail to 500 every 3 days

An upgrade to PRO will get you…

  • 50,000 Mailing Credits per Month
  • with 40,000 of those credits you can purchase two SOLO ads.
  • 1,000 Visitor Credits Per Month
  • Member Mail to 2,500 every 3 days

An upgrade to LIFETIME will get you…

  • 200,000 Mailing Credits Per Month &
  • with 10,000 of those credits you can purchase ten solo ads
  • 2,500 Visitor Credits Per Month
  • Member Mail to 5,000 every 3 days

So, let’s do some math (these calculations may not be typical  results)

  • If you were to buy traffic at 40 cents per click, assuming out of 500 members you got 5 clicks when sending to their LIST EMAIL, that is $2
  • The stats are much better for SOLO Ads: for 7,700 Solo ads, because you are sending to their CONTACT EMAIL, you would expect about 25-50 clicks – that is $10-$20 if you purchased that same traffic at 40 cents a click

One SOLO ad at WebcastSource.net is $5.00 USD.  That is HALF of what you would  pay if you purchased traffic from UDIMI or other Solo Ad vendors.    It has  been my experience that the 100 clicks I purchase through Solo Ad vendors rarely delivers any more signups than diligent promotion, strong messages, and reasonable offers using safelists and traffic exchanges like WebcastSource.net.

2. Upgraded Membership Rewards

  • PRO: Special Upgrade Bonus: 20000 Mailing Credits & 1000 Visitor Credits
  • LIFETIME: Special Upgrade Bonus: 50000 Mailing Credits & 5000 Visitor Credits

3. Referral Rewards (when members refer using their referral url)

  • Referral Exchange Visitor Credits Award: 100
  • Referral Safelist Credit Award: 1,000

4. Promo Codes

As part of the WorldProfit Network, I can offer HUGE bonus packages for new signups and upgrades.  Some of these are handled as promo codes on WebcastSource.net, and some are obtained through promo code boards like TrafficCodex (free), and Truckload of Ads ($10 lifetime membership).

The external site rewards require upgrades on THIS site, and joining ANOTHER SITE as a free member.  These rewards generally range in value from $27 to $197.

5. Membership Costs

By upgrading to PRO ($9.95 per month) you get a NICE bump in points every month plus a bonus,.   When you upgrade to LIFETIME, you not only get a HUGE bump in monthly points and a BETTER bonus, BUT YOU ALSO SAVE TONS OF CASH when compared to a PRO member.

  • Pro member for the FIRST 12 months = $119.40
  • Lifetime member for FIRST 12 months = $97.00
  • Pro member for the SECOND 12 months = $119.40.  Total spend = $238.80
  • Lifetime member for the SECOND 12 monts = $0.   Total spend = $97.00

  • Pro member for the THIRD 12 months = $119.40.  Total spend = $358.20
  • Lifetime member for the THIRD12 monts = $0.   Total spend = $97.00

6. Upgraded members get a FREE Mega PLR Store.

  • You can use these resources for your own education and personal development
  • You can GIVE AWAY these resources as INCENTIVES for referrals (this or any other program – verify PLR license)
  • You can SELL these resources as an additional STREAM OF INCOME – You KEEP all proceeds.

7. As a member of WebcastSource.net you have OTHER resources available:

Access to other SUPER NETWORKS that give your ads views by HUNREDS of  THOUSANDS of Prospects.  These ads are available at the LOWEST ALLOWABLE PRICE by contract because I am a PAID PARTNER in these networks.
AFF SuperNetworks (this link or on Giant Profit Ads)
AFF Super Solos I (on Mad Cow Ads)
Pinnacle Networks (on Giant Profit Ads )
CASS Networks (on Giant Profit Ads )
Promotion Magnet (on both Giant Profit Ads  and Mad Cow Ads )
Real Time Ad Blast (on Mad Cow Ads )
Recharge Network Ads (on World Text Ads)
Full Ad Blast (this link)
Guaranteed Mails (this link)
Gigantic Solo Ads (this link)

  • Access to PROGRAMS and SERVICES that I personally endorse.  For many, I provide products and services ABOVE what the standard memberships offer like Done-For-You sales funnels, Customized landing pages, TEAM BUILD rotators, Ad-Coops.
  • Tutorials and Instructional Videos

So, send me a note.  I really want to know what it would take to GET YOU ENGAGED, BECOME AN ACTIVE MEMBER, and get you to take full advantage of the WONDERFUL bonus offerings you DO NOT GET ELSEWHERE.

My personal email address is richard.moyer.1953@gmail.com or you can fill out a Contact Us ticket on WebcastSource.net.

As always, please feel free to contact me with questions, if you want a demo, or are curious about other resources I can share with you.

My contact info:

Rich Moyer
WebcastSource .com
1-484-902-8819 m-f 8am-5pm EST
Email: richard.moyer.1953@gmail .com
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