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July 8, 2015
News and Opportunities
Our Advertising Community consists of WebcastSource.net, Giant Profit Ads, Mad Cow Ads, and World Text Ads.  We have something going on all the time.  Here are the highlights:
  • Login to Maintain Your Free Account – Free members must login at WebcastSource.net at least once every 30 days.  Your account may be marked INACTIVE
  • Login and redeem your weekly promo code from your Promo Code menu selection on WebcastSource.net.   Type in the code to get safelist credits, exchange visitors, banners or solo ads.  Only the first 10 members will be awarded these items.  This week’s promo code is 708
  • Login and redeem your Daily Login promo code at Giant Profit Ads and Mad Cow Ads .
  • Login and view the Daily Bonus ad (top of the Nav menu) at Giant Profit Ads and Mad Cow Ads.
  • Are You Recruiting Campaign – Not only to get rewards for each referral.  There are so many reasons.   See the article: http://WebcastSource.com/AreYouRecruiting
  • Extreme Traffic Promo Codes and Traffic Offers – TONS of credits and views for an incredibly reasonable cost. http://www.WebcastSource.com/?rd=uf8FytSm
  • Thousands of Ads for FREE – a promo code per day to your inbox:
  • Mega PLR Store – Upgraded Members at WebcastSource.net get a free Mega PLR Store installed on their site loaded with over 200 items that can be downloaded and used for your personal development, they can be sold, or can be given away as incentives.
  • How to Succeed on Safelists  – Use this guide to get the most from your memberships.  http://webcastsource.com/giantprofitads1
  • Get Your Own Monster Traffic Promo Webpage – Take advantage of the Monster Traffic offer, and the first 10 members can have your very own personalized Splash Page so you get referral credit and commissions for those who take advantage of this spectacular offer.
  • So You Need Traffic?
  • Check out free eCourses available to our members.
  • Starter Promo Codes on Giant Profit Ads and Mad Cow Ads – redeem on the Advertise Here page, code STARTER.  These are automatically added at signup for World Text Ads and WebcastSource.net
  • Downline Builders – no better way to virally expand your downline, while at the same time, opening the doors for even MORE free traffic simply by joining each one of the resources in the extensive Downline Builders in Giant Profit Ads, Mad Cow Ads, and World Text Ads.  Don’t forget to update the Downline Builders with your affiliate Id (usually your login name or a number) or affiliate Link (the whole URL).

One last note:
When you join our Advertising Community, you not only get superior traffic sources, promo codes, free stuff, the lowest SuperNetwork Ad prices, and huge Referral rewards, but you also get another resource that is not available anywhere else:  ME.   I spent over half of my long career with a Fortune 50 company as a professional consultant.  Additionally, my consulting firm has been helping small businesses to get started since 1997.  Now that I am retired, my consulting is FREE for my subscribers and team.

Rich Moyer
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