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December 4, 2015



I’m impressed with the response of our members in submitting the various ad types.  

Even MORE IMPRESSIVE is the number of VIEWS these ads are getting!   Members of the massive WorldProfit Networks are seeing YOUR Ads, and the ads YOU SUBMIT HERE are getting clicks!

2. Ad Maintenance

 Some Great news – but some ACTION is REQUIRED.

Periodically check your Banner, Text, and Login Ads.  On the top menu, click on Banner Ads, Text Ads, or Login Ads.

Check the CREDIT COUNTERS on your ads.  If the CREDITS USED is EQUAL to the CREDITS TO USE – that means you must ADD CREDITS.

There are 2 TYPES OF CREDITS : Safelist Credits and Visitor (or Exchange) Credits.  Only Safelist Credits can be used for banner ads, text ads, login ads, header ads, footer ads, SOLO ads, and  Member-to-Member Ads.

There are 8 ways to get Safelist Credits:

  • All members get an initial allocation of ad credits when joining
  • Upgraded members get a monthly allocation of SAFELIST CREDITS that can be applied to existing Safelist Ads, or to new ones.  
  • You can click on ads within this site
  • You can click on the credit links for ads in your email
  • You can redeem Promo Codes (Not all Promo Codes contain Safelist Credits – the rewards may be specific ad types.
  • You can view the LOGIN AD shown right after login to the site.  You can qualify for only one login credit per day
  • You can bring in new referrals
  • You can purchase SAFELIST CREDITS from the ORDER CENTER

Updating your credits on existing ads is REALLY EASY TO DO.  

  • On the top menu, access the menu link for Banner Ads, Text Ads, etc.
  •  Click the Update button.
  • You are shown the number of credits available.  Assign the desired number of credits to assign, then click the Update button.
  • Your AD will be sent to the approval queue.

3. GREATER NEWS!   Expanding our Advertising Community

A whole group of sites has joined our Advertising Community – or more accurately, we have joined Team Elite Home Businesses, where I am an Inner Circle Member.

This family of sites offers many exciting OPPORTUNITIES, not only to expand your advertising reach, but also to MAKE MONEY.  Many of these sites are INSTANT COMMISSION sites at which even FREE members can EARN COMMISSIONS!

I have purchased two of these sites: Your Lucky Fast Cashan established INSTANT COMMISSION site with about 500 members that offers up to 100% commissions, and a brand new site, currently in Pre-Launch called Commissions Unleashed.

For any of the INSTANT COMMISSION sites, you can sign up for free, and you earn commissions by getting referrals.  This is somewhat different than other comp plans, in that you do not have to be at the level of your referral to be paid commission for any upgrades or purchases they make.  Here’s how it works.

Get your INSTANT COMMISSIONS directly to your PAYPAL!
Even free members get a 20% of the NUMBER of commissions, not a percentage of the VALUE of the sales!
The way this works for Free Members:
The Admin gets the first 4 sales passed up – whatever the value!
The Free member gets 1 sale. (20%) – also whatever the value!
Admin gets 4 sales, the Free member gets 1 sale. Admin gets the next 4 sales, the Free member gets 1 sale.
So, if you were to join for free, and the first 4 sales were passed up, the the 5th sale was an inside upgrade of one of your referrals to FOUNDER LEVEL, you could get $167 Commission!
Likewise for all other levels:
Admin gets 2 sales, Silver gets 1 sale (33%)
Admin gets 1 sales, Gold gets 1 sale (50%) <<<< Best Value
Admin gets 1 sale, Platinum Gets 3 sales (75%)
Admin gets 0 sales, Founder gets ALL (100%)
From the table above, your best minimum value is GOLD LEVEL, but the higher your level, the MORE SALES YOU KEEP, whatever the VALUE of the sale.
SuperNetwork Ads and OTO’s are never counted in commission.  The admin needs to keep the lights burning somehow!
The best upgrade bargains and signup packages can be found right now at my Pre-Launch site, the one with the ADORABLE puppy graphics, Commissions Unleashed.  Sign Up Here!
Great signup packages are also being offered at my other “new to me” site, Your Lucky Fast Cash 
If you have been struggling, do not have a product, and have had NO LUCK earning CASH or BUILDING YOUR LIST, these two sites ARE THE OPPORTUNITIES YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!
  • Earn CASH direct to your Paypal!  
  • Increase INCOME by UPGRADING – This gives YOU commissionable sales MORE OFTEN.
  • Build YOUR LIST, and even…
  • Get an UNLIMITED AUTORESPONDER with dozens of DONE-FOR-YOU campaigns and Lead Capture Pages (only a one-time $7 Lifetime membership)
But WAIT!  
Rich Moyer

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