Amazing Multi-Site Blaster at BuildAHive

Amazing Multi-Site Blaster at BuildAHive

I just found something ABSOLUTELY COOL!!!


BuildAHive is the only site that can use this.  It was developed being used exclusively Maryanne until now. 

What Is It?

There is a Top Broadcast Ad that appears at the top of every single email ad sent on 8 MASSIVE sites (Pangea, BestListMailer, HotSpotMailer, Webstars2k Solo Ads, 50ADayGetsYouPaid, Blaster Guru, 10BuckBlast #1PopEasy).  These are individually FANTASTIC MAILERS that I have used for years as standalone sites.

Your ad will go on rotation to be shown at the top of the emailads6,000,000+ emails are sent to members daily on three mail servers. Your Top Broadcast Ad will rotate for two days in them. 

In my experience, Login Ads are HUGELY EFFECTIVE.  You get a POWERFUL Login ad that shows on HotSpotMailer. Your ad will go into rotation for three days. Your site will be shown to members after they login. 

You also get 3000 credits (showing your ad 3000 times) on the massive 1TAE website. This shows on 100’s of websites that have the 1TAE adbar on their sites.

Maryanne continues to put out one-of-a-kind, highly effective mailer and traffic sites. She has followers in the TENS OF THOUSANDS!!!

What a Find!!!  Join BuildAHive NOW and discover these amazing TRAFFIC and LIST BUILDING TOOLS for yourself!

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Rich Moyer