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You know about Surfing, you know about earning earn credits for viewing ads, and now you can get even get REWARDS for viewing the various ad types while being logged on to the site.

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  • View 25 Banner Ads Receive 1 Free 468×60 Banner
  • View 25 Button Ads Receive 1 Free 125×125 Button 
  • View 25 Text Ads Receive 1 Free Text Ad
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  • View 100 Surf Ads Receive 25 Credits and 1 Free Solo
  • View 250 Surf Ads Receive 100 Credits and 1 Free Solo

 There is NO LIMIT to the number of free activity rewards you can receive. 

Rich – Admin

Recommended Traffic Sites

My Recommended Traffic Sites

and Free Promo Codes

Instant Commission Sites


My Favorite Mailers

  • YourViral Network Sites.  Join free.
    • Premium members get 1000 points per day, earn 50% commmission
    • Build your list in YOUR autoresponder
    • Upgrade options: Earn your Premium Upgrade, Quarterly $18 or Lifetime $97
    • Paid Premium Members in my downline get Free Lifetime SJV at SoloAdsWork

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Lee Shaw Safelists


Dave Mosher Re-Launch Sites

  • Great Mailers (Solo, HP Solo, Credit Mail)
  • Promo Codes (vary with launches, campaigns)
  • Dimesales (huge way to get inexpensive upgrades!)
  • Great Gold and VIP upgrades
  • Earn good commissions



Banners – Banner and Text Ads are NOT DEAD!
Passive Traffic methods such as Banner and Text Link Advertising should be an integral part of your traffic strategy. Read more about it in my book, “A Traffic Strategy

  • WorldProfit Gold Banner Rotator – 5 Banners unlimited views & clicks for 1 year.  I personally got 10,000+ views and hundreds of clicks last year.  $47 per year

  • Confirmed Traffic – great banner stats and Co-Admin upgrade earns 100% commission PLUS Admin share!
  • Banner Ads are Back – great report
  • Cash In on Banners – one-time $10 upgrade puts your banners on thousands of pages. 100% Commissions so you are break-even with ONE referral.

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Announcing: WebcastSource Rotator Service

Here is how it works…

You can sign up for my PRIVATE ROTATOR SERVICE powered by MY RELIABLE AND TRUSTED TRAFFIC SOURCES that I use daily to send 250,000 to 1 Million Emails per Day.

This is both a Rotator Service and Gallery Service – Two different Views, two different Presentations.

First, the Rotator is like many other rotators – simply drives traffic to all the approved URLs within that rotator.

The Gallery presentation presents YOUR Text Description, with a button that takes the Gallery Viewer to YOUR webpage.

You can enter URLS into the rotation for constant traffic and promotion – your choice of Rotator or Gallery.

You can edit / change your own URLS anytime.

URLs can be set to expire on date you specify, or expire once the purchased number of views runs out.

Your URL Rotator System also includes click tracking – see where YOUR clicks are coming from.

Traffic Blasters

Targeted Website Traffic Packages with VERIFIABLE Real Time Tracking!

These traffic blaster packages provide VERIFIABLE Traffic.These are Targeted Visitor Campaigns that can be used for ANY affiliate programs.

  • No bots.
  • No pay to click.
  • No Spam.
  • Trusted sources.
  • Real Visitors only!

Private Tracking Data to VERIFY the traffic as legitimate.

Traffic Packages offered for 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months of 1 Year and each include tracking and real time data.

Great news! You can get started promoting our newest service….

The first landing page is ready so you can start promoting the Traffic Blaster Packages. (Others are coming soon).

Here\’s how to access it.

Join WorldProfit as a free associate:  Click Here 

Confirm your email address (check your SPAM folder)

1. Login to your Member area. On TOP MENU (3rd Row) click on TRAFFIC PACKS.

2. On that page, on the MINI-Menu click on PROMOTE AND EARN.

3. If you have ordered a Traffic Package for yourself, that is also where you enter your ads, and find your ANALYTICS.


  • Free Associates earn 5% on the sale of these traffic packages.
  • Silver Members earn 20% on the sale of these traffic packages.
  • Platinum VIP Members earn 40% on the sale of these traffic packages.

Don\’t forget! LOTS of people who order our traffic packages (including our rotator packages) often UPGRADE to Silver membership within the first 30 days of purchase. We send  (on your behalf)  all buyers of these traffic packages, special offers and incentives introducing them to our Silver Membership as well as other products and services we offer at Worldprofit. 

When your Associates upgrade or purchase another service, that is yet another source of commission for you.

To see the new TRAFFIC BLASTER PACKAGES go here:

Home Business Tips From Internet Millionaire Stone Evans

His Story…

I was a washed up restaurant worker (and dishwasher) desperately searching for a way to save my family when I discovered the internet and affiliate marketing… 

Nearly 3 years later I finally cracked the code and started earning a full-time income online working at home. (It wasn\’t easy)!

Once you figure it out, it is kind of easy and having a successful online business has allowed me the time and financial freedom to experience many of my dreams in life including taking my wife and kids to live in the South of France for 2 years during my children\’s high school days…

Now, I leverage my experience and knowledge to help other people start and build successful businesses online through affiliate and internet marketing. My primary vehicles for the services I provide are the Plug-In Profit Site and Plug-in Profit Site Co-op where I offer services to build and host websites, train and coach new affiliate marketers; along with many additional marketing and setup services that generally make my member\’s lives easier, and businesses grow faster!

300 Days of Free Home Business Tips to Your Inbox.

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Your Privacy is SAFE.

New Marketing Reports

Increasing Your Value as a Member and Network Marketer

New marketing reports have been added.  These are high quality reports, FREE to our members

Join for free.  Receive Ad Pack for Joining.  More Ads: Redeem Promo code newmember.

You must be logged in to access these reports. On the NAV menu, go to


Scroll down to the bottom of the screen (before the banners) and click the link

See even more CLICK HERE

Check back regularly – new reports are added monthly.

Getting Referrals with These Reports

Tell others about these free reports.  You may not copy or resend them, but you CAN use a letter like this to get new referrals in your downline. It costs you NOTHING. Pick one item from Member Extras.  Invite people to get it by joining THIS SITE as a free member

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Other Techniques 

  • Invite people to join by offering free promo codes (newmember)
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  • You can use the step-by-step process, resources, and Done-For-You ad copy I have provided.
  • Join the OTHER SITES in our Advertising Community and CROSS PROMOTE THESE SITES (ie. promote AmazingTextAds on SoloAdsWork, etc.)

When they join, you get  the Benefits:

  • You get the Referral
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When YOU Get Referrals We All WIN! 

Rich Moyer – Admin