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Complete Your Profile
Your Paypal account is important: that is how you are paid.  Complete that information in Edit My Details on the NAV menu at the left side of your screen
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Here is a quick summary:
The secret is having MULTIPLE places to advertise, and “cross” promote the sites where you earn the highest commissions.  That means on OTHER sites, you promote Commissions Unleashed.[br]
I have many other sites – I suggest you join 1 or 2 INSTANT COMMISSION sites as GOLD member, then join the others as a FREE member.  I also own Your Lucky Fast Cash, so you will see many similarities in the site, menu structure, etc.  My other sites are Giant Profit Ads, Mad Cow Ads, and  (see the sites list HERE) [br]
The sites where you are a GOLD member – they are the ones you PROMOTE:
  • Post Banner Ads, Button Ads, Text Ads for ONLY YOUR GOLD LEVEL SITES on all OTHER sites.
  • Post Solo ads once per day
If you have SUPERNETWORK SOLO ADS – post ads for your GOLD LEVEL SITES – get the farthest reach and best value if you are purchasing ads.[br]
You earn POINTS to post ads by VIEWING ADS on the sites where you are going to be POSTING ADS.  You can then trade points for ads, or you can purchase ads..[br]
Another great source of points and ads: PROMO CODES.  This mailing list sends you a new site with a PROMO CODE every day to your inbox.[br]
I hope this helps.[br]

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