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New marketing reports have been added.  These are high quality reports, FREE to our members

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Getting Referrals with These Reports

Tell others about these free reports.  You may not copy or resend them, but you CAN use a letter like this to get new referrals in your downline. It costs you NOTHING. Pick one item from Member Extras.  Invite people to get it by joining THIS SITE as a free member

Tell them about the great resources in Member Extras available as a member

Pick a report, a free ecourse, or other item in member tools and highlight that as a FREE BENEFIT of membership.

Other Techniques 

  • Invite people to join by offering free promo codes (newmember)
  • You can use everything in Referral Tools to promote this site
  • You can use the step-by-step process, resources, and Done-For-You ad copy I have provided.
  • Join the OTHER SITES in our Advertising Community and CROSS PROMOTE THESE SITES (ie. promote AmazingTextAds on SoloAdsWork, etc.)

When they join, you get  the Benefits:

  • You get the Referral
  • You earn points when referrals login
  • You earn points when referrals earn points
  • You earn commissions when referrals upgrade
  • You earn commissions when referrals make purchases
  • You can use the REFERRAL MAILER to contact them.
  • You get MORE EYES on YOUR ADS
  • When referrals join sites in the extensive Downline Builder they become referrals to YOU on THOSE SITES TOO

When YOU Get Referrals We All WIN! 

Rich Moyer – Admin