Shake the Fear of Making Telephone Sales Calls. MLM Recruit On Demand

Brian Gunness Tells How to Conquer your Fear of Telephone Sales Calls

Brian Gunness of MLMROD has put together some excellent training videos, and has had some awesome (yes, I did actually use that word) “listen-in” recordings of people actually handling these calls in different situations.  The biggest impact on ME was his statement to one lady who was having real problems with the “live” conversations.
He told her, “If you get a live person, simply hang up or tell them wrong number, and call back when you are more likely to get voicemail then leave a message”.  Ingenious!

As a teacher in one of my past lives, I learned that one exposure is generally lost, in fact it can take between 7 and 11 exposures for someone to “get it”.  And, people learn differently and may require different WAYS to expose them to a product or service:

  • Visual (See, as with a video),
  • Kinesthetic (hands on),
  • Audio (hear it).  

You must provide the messages in all of these various media to get the highest impact.

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MLM Recruit On Demand for level P1, costs $15 for LIFETIME membership.  You get 100 leads for free.  When you run out of leads, and MLMROD staff looks at your contact manager log and sees that you are in fact putting in the effort, simply put in a support ticket and they will load another 100 leads FOR FREE.   There are upgrades that get you to higher levels which include initial load of more leads, and there is a “done-for-you” option where the MLMROD call center calls these leads for you.  But for someone just starting out, the P1 level should suffice.

MLMROD membership includes all the training videos, and live training sessions every week.  Their support is RESPONSIVE, and in fact, many times you will get Brian himself answering your question directly.

This is SO worth spending $15 for the training, and scripts.

OK, It’s There So Use It.

Included with MLMROD is a contact manager, but it also includes a free subscription to Response Magic.  As a prospect manager, it is OK.  It’s not really an autoresponder — Response  Magic only sends out a welcome message.

Response Magic is free until you reach 100 subscribers.  Hmmm.  That’s how many leads you get from MLMROD.  Your first refresh of leads will throw you over the limit, and you will get hit for $20 per month.

My advice: if you have a better contact manager, use that instead.


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What they don’t tell you about autoresponder companies and LEADS:  Aweber, Get Response, TrafficWave, and most other commercial autoresponders will not allow import of leads from an uncertain source.   These companies have gotten more lenient allowing imports from OTHER AUTORESPONDERS, but you should not ASSUME that your leads can be exported from one autoresponder to another.

The consistent message I am hearing: NOBODY will allow PURCHASED LEADS to be imported.

I have found only one RELIABLE mailer that allows me to import leads:  ProMailer, part of the Entrepreneur level tool suite in Lead System Network (Step 2 of GrabThoseLeads)

Another program I’ve received good reviews for is RapidMailer.  This is marketed through either JVZoo (must have a 50 sale minimum to be approved as a reseller) or through Clickbank.

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