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What Caused This Action  

Due to issues found with member ads that triggered an audit which resulted in limitations of my Paypal account, drastic measures were initiated in an attempt to restore Paypal privileges.

Remediation Actions

In preparation for my response to the Paypal audit findings: 

  • All member Ads were wiped from all 7 safelists.
  • Strict Guidelines for acceptable use for member advertising were created.
  • Un-monitored ad submissions (system mail and credit mails) were removed 
  • All ad types must be approved before being published. 
  • Over 140 webpages on my websites were reviewed and brought into compliance.
  • Over 4000 messages in autoresponder campaigns were reviewed and brought into compliance.

What does this mean to members?

No purchases or payments can be made using Paypal until 

a) the Paypal issue is resolved, or
b) Alternative payment processor methods can be implemented. 
c) No commissions can be earned, or paid (there were hardly any commissions earned anyway)

Use of some ad types and offers were removed:

  • System/Credit Mailer, Line Mailer and any other ad types that did not require admin approvals.  You can now trade credits for Solo Ads, HP Solos, and SNF Solos
  • SuperNetwork Ad purchases suspended: they are hard-wired to Paypal 
  • OTO and Special OIffers are suspended until Alternative Payment methods are implemented.

Alternatives have been implemented that allow members to TRADE CREDITS for ads.  This option was previously available for some ad types.  All allowable ad types can be “purchased” with credits.

Ads submitted using lead capture pages must clearly indicate the subject of the redirect after sign-up.  If the admin cannot determine that the business opportunity is in compliance your ad will not be approved. (absolutely NO PTC, Direct Payments, Forex, Cypto Currency, etc)

“All My Ads Are Gone”

True.  This was necessary.  There were literally tens of thousands of ads that would have to be reviewed individually on all 7 sites.

  • Over 1000 inactive free members were deleted.  These people can re-join.
  • All remaining credits for active members and JV/SJV inactive members are untouched 
  • All members can get an initial ad pack by redeeming Promo Code newmember
  • JV and SJV members will be contacted with promo codes they can redeem commensurate with their membership levels.

Ways to get MORE from your membership 

Emphasis is being placed on ways for members to acquire more credit points faster

  • View ads ON THE SITE rather than from email inbox.
  • Redeem available Promo Codes
  • View Sponsor Ads for credits
  • Collect Daily Bonus (button at the top of the NAV menu)
  • Under EARN, view ads of each type.  Hint: they are listed from highest click value to lowest  (SuperNetwork Ads, Admin Solos, HP Solos, Solos, Banners, Buttons, Text Ads)
  • Receive double click credits for viewing Supernetwork Solos during posted Happy Hours
  • Receive Surf Bonus by viewing Surf Ads until Awards thresholds are met.
  • Click Banners, Buttons, and Text Ads on the site andin headers of viewed ads 
  • Promote these sites to build your DOWNLINE (referrals earn CREDITS FOR YOU by logging in, earning credits)
  • Join DOWNLINE BUILDER sites and update YOUR AFFILIATE URL for in Downline Builder.  YOUR downlines HERE can also be YOUR DOWNLINES on THOSE SITES.  Each of these TRUSTED SITES has signup bonus and promo codes to get MORE FREE TRAFFIC!

I have owned over 40 safelists over the years, and continue to do so to HELP SMALL BUSINESSES.  If you realized how much cost and effort goes into being owner and admin of these sites, YOU probably would not do it. 

Honestly, if not for my other affiliate promotions, I could not afford to keep these sites alive.  Only 1-2% of the members have made purchases of ANY KIND: ad purchases, upgrades, OTOs, etc.  And few free members even view the CONTENT of posted ads, or click for anything but point credits. 

It is for THESE few CONTRIBUTING members that I go to all this effort.  I’m retired, and don’t NEED to do this, but my consulting firm had been helping small businesses to SUCCEED for 20+ years before we closed our doors.  I would like to continue this tradition, until it just becomes financially impossible or too much trouble.

P*yP*l will accomplish its goal of eliminating small businesses and online advertising.  Make the most of resources you have availble to you NOW because they will definitely be gone soon.

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