Automatic Builder Gets Signups for YOUR Primary Business

Just BUILDING your LIST is not good enough.
I recommend signing up for the Automatic Builder Autoresponder Subscription, and promote only your lead capture pageQ. Why not just post any affiliate link, and skip the Autoresponder?

A. Because it takes 7-11 exposures to move someone from:
Lead (curious) to Prospect (interested) to Potential Customer

The Autoresponder messages give your subscribers daily emails with more information about Automatic Builder.   There are Done-For-You message sets that specifically address your subscribers at whatever stage they are in, and help move them to the next stage:

New members
Free members
Single-Opt-In members
Double-Opt-In members
Direct Pay members
Combo members

It may take some time and persistence in promoting, but you will eventually start to see sign-ups. I generally send any new sign-ups a welcome mail.  Without the Autoresponder Subscription Broadcast Module, you can still send emails, only one-contact-at-a-time from within Contacts.  (I recommend adding the Broadcast Module only after your Contacts have reached 50-100 subscribers).  
Encourage your New, Free, and Single-opt-in contacts to become double-opt-in members so they start to receive the higher level Autoresponder messages. THIS is where you see conversions!

Get started with Automatic Builder Today!  See the next page to discover WHY you want the Autoresponder Subscription.
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Rich Moyer