I use SOTAM to GET RESULTS with My Top MoneyMakers


I use State-of-the-Art Mailer to promote my Top MoneyMaker Programs:
WorldProfit and Secrets of the Big Dogs

I have been a loyal State-of-the-Art Mailer (SOTAM) member for much of the 11 year history.

Brad and Paul have kept SOTAM as one of the top safelists EVER for over 11 years.  Ranked #1 by Hoopla for years!

Free members can Email 3000 Members every 5 days.

I am a 30,000 Level Member – the most mailer capability (30,000) and highest commissions (50%) plus residuals. 

Why?  Performance and Value

  • SOTAM is one of the TRUSTED programs I use to promote one of my top money-making programs, Secrets of the BigDogs. 
  • At the 30,000 level, I send to 30,000 members every 3 days. No Clicking
  • I CONSISTENTLY get over 550 clicks for EVERY EMAIL I send!   
  • SOTAM is one of the top commission sites promoting BigDogs.

AND… they have not missed a weekly payday EVER.  Like clockwork every Saturday.  Many ways to Pay and Get Paid.

Members here are buyers and repeat buyers.  There has got to be a reason why PAID MEMBERS keep BUYING UPGRADED MEMBERSHIPS month after month!  If you want a system with members that spend moneySOTAM has a history of thousands of purchases and repeat purchases for over 11 years! 

Buyers tend to buy more than just safelist upgrades and one-off advertising.  They tend to also be CONSUMERS of the quality BizOps being advertised.  Face it, freebie seekers are not going to advertise their junk when they have to BUY QUALITY TRAFFIC to promote it.

Some of the industry’s top marketers USE and PROMOTE SOTAM.  Wouldn’t YOU like to brag that you are in such good company?

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Rich Moyer