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New Safelist Sites were just added to Master Safelist Blaster

I want to help you understand the POWER and VALUE of ads sent from Master Safelist Blaster
The Connections
Master Safelist Blaster  ==>  Safelists ==> Safelist Members
First, each ad from Master Safelist Blaster goes to MANY safelists.  Dave owns over 300 safelists. Total number of souls exposed to your ads is over 554,000 Members.  Whether it is a banner, button, textlink, or solo ad, the ads are distributed to each of the current 300+ sites, then shown to the members on those sites.  
Why MSB Solos are so Powerful
Master Safelist Blaster Solo Ads are sent to each connected safelist.  The Solo ads are emailed from each of those safelist sites to ALL MEMBERS of each respective site.  That’s over 554,000 emails generated from ONE MSB SOLO.  Because these ads are sent to SO MANY sites, and each site must send to SO MANY MEMBERS, it takes several days to distribute all those emails (you see clicks increasing for days to weeks).
Solo Ads can also be viewed by members on each respective safelist site through the EARN CREDITS or VIEW SOLOS pages on each site so your ads can be viewed and opened for days, weeks or months after you submit them through Master Safelist Blaster.
Solo ads are the MOST LIKELY to be viewed FIRST, because the have the highest rewards.
MY Statistics
I have sent 103 Solos from Master Safelist Blaster since January 1st.  Each Solo AVERAGED 376 CLICKS (not just visitors).  Lowest number of clicks was 171, the highest was 612 CLICKS.  In contrast, most site solos at conventional safelists get only 0 to 10 clicks each.
About Passive Ads
Banners, buttons, and textlinks (passive ads) are added to the rotator queues on each site, so they are seen on each site in the member area, beneath the NAV menu, and in email headers, just as though you were to login to each site and manually post the ad.
BUT YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A MEMBER OF ANY OF THESE 300+ SITES to have your ads posted there by Master Safelist Blaster.  YOU ONLY NEED ONE LOGIN: Master Safelist Blaster
No Clicking for Credits
With Master Safelist Blaster, there is never any clicking for credits to submit your ads.  There is no clicking for credits on any of the 300+ safelists where your ad is posted.  EVER.  The credits for EACH SITE are INCLUDED with your purchase of individual ads or ad packages.
I prefer to spend my time on CREATIVE efforts like finding new streams of income, creating emails, developing new landing pages, writing new follow-up campaigns, designing my own banners and graphics…  ANYTHING BUT CLICKING FOR CREDITS.  By letting Master Safelist Blaster do the tedious work, I can dedicate MY TIME to BUILDING MY LIST (always), and CULTIVATING RELATIONSHIPS with my subscribers.  THAT is how you earn money in Network Marketing, not posting ads.
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Rich Moyer
I use Master Safelist Blaster to promote my top money-making programs, Secrets of the Big Dogs and Worldprofit