What Distinguishes BigDogs from Other Programs

What Distinguishes BigDogs from Other Programs?

Stan is always watching the marketing landscape, and makes strategy adjustments when traffic programs are not performing, or when better traffic sources have emerged and have been TESTED and PROVEN.

Stan is also looking at ways ALPHA DOGS can get the best ROI from CHIPS programs, with the best rewards as a user in that program, and the highest RESIDUAL COMMISSIONS.

The Latest Update to the Secrets of the BigDogs ebook

Stan just released the latest update to the Secrets of the BigDogs ebook to include the latest strategic tweaks. But, you will not make money just selling the Secrets of the BigDogs ebook.

How to Make Money with BigDogs

The REAL money in BigDogs is made with the RECURRING AFFILIATE INCOME resulting from CHIPS Programs commissions.  It is SO IMPORTANT that Alpha Dogs recognize that they MUST INVEST in the upgrades in the CHIPS Programs so they receive the HIGHEST COMMISSIONS from their downline referrals and they must have PATIENCE and PERSIST, even if operating AT A LOSS for several months.

Once you get set up with the CHIPS programs, and purchase the highest level of upgrades you can afford, your job is simply to PROMOTE BigDogs EVERY DAY.  It takes me less than 30 minutes per day to follow the plan as Stan has laid out in the Daily Schedule.  Being the over-achiever, and multi-stream marketer that I am, I also promote BigDogs using Credit Mails, Solos and SuperSolos on the many safelist resources I have shared with my downlines.  ASK ME FOR THESE RESOURCES

The Changes to the CHIPS Lineup

Stan has added several new CHIPS programs, replacing some of the previously recommended CHIPS programs to get the best traffic results and commission earning potential for the Alpha Dog community.  I had joined several of the programs being replaced with long-term upgraded memberships, so I will continue to USE and PROMOTE them, but I will be shifting my emphasis to the new programs. 

Bottom line: I have been building referral downlines and income streams in these programs both inside BigDogs from my Alpha Dog downlines, and also outside of BigDogs from others who chose not to participate in the Alpha Dog commitments. These are still great traffic resources, they are generating income for me, and some of these sites have some great tools I have embedded into my daily marketing routines (ie HitsConnect banner tracker and banner rotator).  

There are even MORE opportunities with the newest CHIPS programs.  I AM ALL IN.  What about you?

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Rich Moyer