Advertising Blowout and MasterSafelistMails

​I encourage you to promote Advertising Blowout ​as a great side hustle.  ​ I use the subject line, “More Free Solos Than You Can Use in a Year” as part of my “Safelists as a Business” strategy.  ​ ​I also include this in my Traffic Deals Newsletter.  I front end my Advertising Blowout​ ​promo with a capture page that ​gets people to join my Traffic Deals Newsletter​.​

Advertising Blowout​ ​​on the free level give​s​ away unique promo codes​ for 300+ sites​.  Once they join Advertising Blowout​​​, then ​you ​give away MasterSafelistMails as a tool to manage the sites people join​, and a central place to read all your credit earning emails.  

MasterSafelistMails eliminate​s​ gmail bounces and slowdowns. ​​ 

There is one free level​ in ​Advertising Blowout​, and there are 4 additional affordable levels of promo codes in ABO​. I’ve ​upgraded to the highest level in Advertising Blowout​ to get the most promo codes, and the highest commissions.  I’ve​​ made some decent commissions​ when people join additional levels​.  

If you are diligent about filling out the Affiliate Builder in ABO, you can build your downlines in safelists you join when others join those sites from within Advertising Blowout.

There is no affiliate program for MasterSafelistMails.

​Using ​MasterSafelistMails

  • ​Login to Advertising Blowout.
  • ​Join sites from within AdvertisingBlowout​ on the Free Member Promo Codes Page n  (I recommend joining one at a time, no more than 5-10 per day)​
  • ​Switch to your email.  ​Confirm​ your​ email address​ in Gmail (check spam folder)​
  • ​You should be taken to the Member area of the site you just joined (OTO’s and Login Offer pages will be shown)
  • ​Fill out ​Member Tools!​​My Profile on​ the​ site w​ith at least one​ payment method, ​and a business-quality ​picture​ (not an avatar)​ then save.
  • Redeem promo code newmember, ​the ​Promo code​ for that site​ from ABO, ​and the ​promo code from ​the WorldProfit​ promo code section
  • ​Login to MasterSafelistMails. ​Check​ the ​box for ​the ​site in MSM Select sites and submit with button at ​the ​bottom of page
  • Add user ID, pswd into MSM My sites and click Edit
  • ​find your referral ID for the site you just joined (Member Tools!Referral Tools​ or in your confirmation email)
  • in Advertising Blowout, Member Tools!Affiliate Builder, add your referral URL (incl http://) for the site you joined, and save.