Most of Dave Mosher’s safelists are attached to 4-5 ​SuperSolo Networks.  A single network may have 70-100 safelists attached. Each network can have a different mix of sites, but also may have some overlaps, which means if you send the same ad to multiple SuperNetworks, some members may get multiple copies of the ad.

When you send a SuperSolo, that ad is distributed to all safelists on that network, and are​ then sent to each member by the attached safelist.  If the member has updated the site login and password in MasterSafelistMails, the SuperSolos, HPSolos, Solos, and credit mails can be viewed from MasterSafelistMails, or on the individual safelist, but will not be sent to their gmail.

Why SuperSolos?

  • Network Marketing is a game of large numbers. SuperSolos give you the ability to send your ads to a massive audience – thousands of members with one SuperSolo ad.
  • Time saver.  One SuperSolo takes 3 minutes or less to send.  To get the same distribution, you would have to login to SO many individual safelists and send individual ads from each which would take HOURS.
  • First Clicked.  SuperSolos carry higher credit rewards, so ad-clickers go for ads that give them the highest credits
  • Faster Distribution.  SuperSolos are sent from dedicated central servers to each site, and are the highest priority in the distribution queue.
  • 5 subject lines.  Great for split-testing subject lines because each subject line stats are broken out
  • Massive buying power.  Dave owns 19 SuperNetworks, so he can undercut prices of anyone.  SuperSolos purchased on individual safelists are bound by contract for minimum pricing.  Dave offers many OTOs and Login Ads, including upgrade offers and special offers, that bundle SuperSolos with the offer.
  • Double SuperSolo Deals (I buy these when offered).  I just bought a login offer deal on SimpleTextAdz getting 400 SuperSolos for $160 (40 cents each) as compared to $3.95-$15.00 each
  • Commissions.  Dave is the ONLY owner I know who pays commissions on SuperSolos, OTOs and Login offers when your referrals purchase them.  (hint: since the best offers and bundles are on SimpleTextAdz, upgrade to at least GOLD if you plan to promote SuperSolos)
  • My Good Better Best SuperSolos Newsletter is a Autoresponder message stream that tells about the best SuperSolos deals, and I broadcast for one-off special deals
  • I easily send 1 million emails per day.  I send my Secrets of the Big Dogs ads per the schedule, pick 10 or more individual safelists (to exercise as a user), then fill in with SuperSolos until I reach a million.