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I REALLY WANT YOU TO SUCCEED BY USING THESE SOLO ADS and CREDIT MAILS to promote your business opportunities.  I use these sites and send Solos using these sites MYSELF (I was an upgraded member on most of these sites BEFORE Instant Cash Promo Codes).  As admin of these sites (working with Dave Mosher), I have gained an even GREATER appreciation of how POWERFUL these sites are.


ACTIVE TRAFFIC is the MOST EFFECTIVE METHOD.  Solo Ads and Credit Mails will yield better results than PASSIVE TRAFFIC methods like banners, buttons and textlinks!

I have provided 10 options for DIRECT PAYMENT of $25 to get your ICPC GOLD UPGRADE


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Why am I doing this?

  • To help struggling marketers
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  • To enable you to get 371,000 sets of eyes on YOUR promotions
  • To tell you how to do Network Marketing RIGHT and Build YOUR LIST
  • To teach the value of an autoresponder and lead capture (the next ESSENTIAL step)  I recommend MyVIPContacts Pro 
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