Traffic Subscription includes Autoresponder, Tools, Resources

One of the pages in my WorldProfit Sales Center is for MyVIPContacts Pro Autoresponder.  Dave has a special going on right now where you get a free monthly subscription for MyVIPContacts Pro when you subscribe to FeaturedOffersXtreme with login offers.  This is one of my favorite traffic sources, and with everything included with MyVIPContacts, this is an amazing package.

About FeaturedOffersXtreme

No clicking ads for credit. Just purchase one of the affordable ads or ad packages.  With individual ads or the ad packages, each ad gets 2500 viewsFeaturedOffersXtreme is advertised on over 400 sites.   I love the massive exposure, but FeaturedOffersXtreme just RIPS through 2500 views in NO TIME! 

Solution:  Subscriptions Get Unlimited Total Views!!!  Subscriptions start at 4.97 per month.  

SPECIAL BONUS! 10.97/mo Retail Value

When you subscribe to FeaturedOffersXtreme through the Login Offers, Dave will give you a Monthly Upgrade at MyVIPContacts Pro Unlimited Autoresponder for as long as you maintain your FeaturedOffersXtreme subscription at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!

After you complete your FeaturedOffersXtreme subscription, sign up for free at MyVIPContacts. Then submit a Support Ticket with your Username at BOTH FeaturedOffersXtreme and MyVIPContacts with a request for your “BONUS FOX Monthly Pro Upgrade.” Please allow up to 24-hours so we can add your upgrade manually.

Every Network Marketer MUST have an Autoresponder.  

The most important thing you can do in Network Marketing is BUILD YOUR LIST!  You cannot just post affiliate links on safelists.  BUILD YOUR LIST with safelists.  SELL to your LIST.

You need the ability to Follow-Up with your Leads. If you do not CAPTURE the lead’s information, you have no way to contact them in the future.

It’s like Birds on a Wire

If you throw a stone at birds on a wire, you MAY or MAY NOT hit one of them, but one thing for sure…
they will Fly Away and you will not be able to contact THOSE BIRDS again!  Remember:

The Money is in the FOLLOW-UP

Try This Amazing Traffic.
Dave has provided a promo code you can redeem for 1 of each ad type, all with 2500 views.
Join FeaturedOffersXtreme, at no cost to you, and submit Promo Code: 06052022

I Personally Endorse This Traffic Source

I personally use FeaturedOffersXtreme as a key traffic source for my OWN promotions.

I know traffic.  As a safelist owner myself,  and admin for over 200 of Dave’s safelists, I will tell you that FeaturedOffersXtreme is a GEM.  Hey, there are VERY FEW sites ANYWHERE that can DELIVER THIS NUMBER OF VIEWS for less than 5 bucks per month!

And NOBODY can match the UNLIMITED TRAFFIC, Autoresponder and tools for only $19.97 per month.

Success in Network Marketing is a game of LARGE NUMBERS.  

More views
lead to more clicks,
that generate more signups,
that convert to more sales.


Don’t just post affiliate links.
Do it RIGHT by promoting CAPTURE PAGES to BUILD YOUR LIST with this traffic,

No Autoresponder?

Any subscription at FeaturedOffersXtreme gets a free upgrade to MyVIPContacts Pro Monthly that includes all the marketing tools you need:  Capture Page Generator, unlimited autoresponders, broadcast capabilities, Done-For-You Message Streams in the massive Digital Library, so much more.

I’m here to help YOU succeed in YOUR BUSINESS. To get started

  • Create Your Capture Pages.  (in MVCPro use MotionLeads)
  • Promote with traffic from FeaturedOffersXtreme. (I will provide additional traffic resources)
  • Follow-up with MyVIPContacts Pro Message Streams. (Find Done-For-You message streams in the MVCPro Digital Library)
  • Use Broadcasts to get subscribers to KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST. (Free articles, books, training, some ads) 

That’s How Sales Are Made!
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Rich Moyer