Basic Tools and Organization

Basic Tools and Organization

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One of the biggest failures of new entrepreneurs, besides record-keeping, is organization.

I hear some old-school guys (who are even technical wizards), that they take notes using pencil and paper.  Sorry, but I left my fossils behind.  I have subscribed kicking and screaming to the digital age.

There is no right or wrong, but I can pass on what I do, what works for me, and you are free to follow that, or come up with something on your own. Something you should know: I am a POWER USER of everything I touch.   I USE WHAT I SELL,and sometimes sell what I use.

Let’s Start with your Business Plan

The collective groan I’m hearing from the crowd is why the Business Plan was moved to Section 3.  Don’t think that I feel it is not important.  Actually, quite the opposite.  It’s just that I agreed to move it here because the feedback was received loud and clear that I should lead off with the two DYNAMITE Business Opportunities: 

  • Skinny Body Care is the hottest product line out there right now and will move into the now vacant Section 1.  I would be remiss if I did not present this to you.  As I said, I USE WHAT I SELL.  I am not only a CUSTOMER but a Gold Level Reseller.     Here is my genealogy summary:

  • Lead System Network is a complete Premium Suite of essential Business Marketing tools that remains in Step 2.  Feedback received from my subscribers reinforced the early planning suggestion that we LEAD with a KILLER Product, then provide a platform to MARKET that product, or anything else for that matter.   LSN is the technology THIS system is built on.  LSN has matured greatly since 1.0, and the capabilities of LSN 2.0 are OUTSTANDING!  A perfect complement:  SBC + LSN

It also makes sense to START with a PLAN before assembling a toolbox with which to build and maintain what we built.  Kinda like, you bring in an architect before starting to dig your foundations and order building materials.  Yeh.  Like That!

Check out the video first…

Now, here is the link to get your Business Plan under way.  

Essential Tools  (each has their own Resources Page)

  • Google Tools (free) – I use virtually all, but my absolute necessities are Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks.

  • Microsoft Office – Word, Excel, PowerPoint

  • RoboForm – Password management synchs with all platforms.  Join for $9 for first year.

  • EverNote – Free.  This is where I store all of my ready-to-go ad copy

  • DropBox – Free.  Secure Cloud Storage that synchs with all platforms. Drop and Drag with Windows Explorer,  Handy for sharing with others

  • Viral Mail Profits – Ad organizer and scheduler. Cuts your promotion time significantly.  Free to join but upgrade to Silver is recommended

  • Referral Frenzy – 91+ traffic sources. Cuts your promotion time significantly. Absolutely WORTH it!

  • JitBit Autotext – Multiple clipboards. Save and create keyboard shortcuts for common things you type over and over.

  • Down Line Builder Caddy – builds a database of your referral IDs and URLs and quickly captures and updates downline builders on safelists and TAEs.   I have blog dedicated to DLB Caddy, so rather than re-inventing the wheel, I will refer you to that blog page, Why use Downline Builders?  There is no affiliate program.

  • Screencast-O-Matic – video creation software

  • Filezilla – FTP tool – absolute necessity

  • Accounting Software – Quicken or QuickBooks for business accounting, but a spreadsheet will suffice when first starting out.

  • Microsoft Windows Accessories
    • Paint – Graphical editor included with every version of Windows
    • Snipping Tool – Screen Capture tool included with every version of Windows
    • WordPad or Notebook – Simple text editing tools included with every version of Windows
    • Speech Recognition – Allows you to “dictate” – after it is “trained” to your voice, it gets better every time you use it.

  • 7-Zip – Archival/Extraction tool for Zip format files and other archive formats

  • Antivirus – NEVER go on the internet WITHOUT antivirus!

  • MalwareBytes – anti-malware plugin for Chrome and Firefox

  • Backup and Recovery – Not If, but When.  Hardware fails.

  • MLM Recruit On Demand – Overcome your fear of Telephone Sales with $15 Lifetime program that has the best Telephone Sales training that I’ve found.


Other Organizational Resources – eBooks and References


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