Leased Ad Space

Leased Ad Space

Leased Ad Space is a new concept in advertising that gives you fantastic traffic and a powerful stream of income.  Start out with a one-time payment of $7 that gives you one solo ad to the full membership every 28 days for LIFE.  As you invite others to join and purchase the same ad package, you build your matrix, and your compensation.  You must own the package level to resell it and earn commissions.
The video does a great job of explaining the whole process.  I strongly recommend that you ad Leased Ad Space to your traffic portfolio.

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SuperNetwork Blasters

SuperNetwork Blasters

SuperNetwork Blaster sites offer ad types in addition to Solo Ads, like banners, buttons, hot links, traffic links, login ads, and solo ads.  Some even have auto-submit (Set ‘n Forget ads).
I have found some sites that deliver superior CTRs, but others are just OK.  As with any site, do your due diligence with respect to monitoring your ad placements and performance.Here are the sites I use regularly.  Rather than creating an unmanageable profile to hold all of these sites, update the downline builders for free on my sites CommissionsUnleashed and YourLuckyFastCash , Don Harrison’s site Total Downlines, and also if a member,

  • Full Ad Blast – 42 Sites with 67846 Combined Members
  • Promotion Magnet – 62 sites with 40575 Combined Members

Check Out The Video – Promotion Magnet

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Banner Ads As A Business

Banner Advertising is NOT Dead

Banners are:
  • Simple
  • Succinct
  • To the point
  • No long emails to read
  Banners are EVERYWHERE
  • On safelist sites
  • In credit eMail headers
  • Surf sites
  • Banner-Only Sites
  • Blog sidebars and footers
  • Downline Builders
  • bannersCapture Example Safelist Members Area[/caption]

Did you know you get credits for clicking banner on many sites? 
  • It’s an untapped resource.
  • Banners are typically Low COST or can be “purchased” for fewer credits than most other ads
  • People are unaware they can earn TONS of Credits by clicking banners
  • Credits can be applied to “purchase” other ads
  • Most sites allow you to “edit” your entries (unlike Solo Ads, premium ads)
  • Better than surfing.  
  • Complements surfing – gives you something to do while waiting for the timer to expire
  • There is a huge trend:  Lifetime Banners that never expire.
Not every site does well with banner advertising
  • Some do better with Banner ads (468×60)
  • Some do better with Button ads (125×125)
  • Some do great with Login Ads (600×300)

My Favorite sites:  See My Blog Post

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My Thoughts on Autoresponders

You have recently seen some articles on autoresponders.  I am frequently asked about what autoresponders I use, and what do I think of them.

Well, I have, and USE, many autoresponders.  Here is the current list (I also have others):

  •  Aweber – Full Featured Autoresponder Only.  Gets very expensive as your list grows.  Basic is $19.95 per month.  No reseller fee.
  • GVO – Full Featured Business System.  GVO was my first autoresponder and I have some of my largest newsletters there. $24.95 per month.  
  • – Full Featured Autoresponder. $14.95 per month for unlimited campaigns, unlimited messages, unlimited subscribers, campaign chaining, and through the Matrix Buster program I can get you 30 days for free, and  I will pay for your second month for free.
  • WorldProfit – Limited Function Integrated prospect manager and autoresponder functions.  Autoresponder included with Platinum VIP upgrade
  • All-In-One-Profits Response – Full Featured but no frills Autoresponder with available hosting, landing pages, and so much more.  $11.50 per month.  No reseller fee.  $10 commission per referral per month but it does have a pass-up requirement.
  • Get Response – One of the top rated – I recommend joining through JVZoo because it is tightly integrated with a custom API
  • Response Magic – One response message only. A decent contact manager for MLMROD
  • Stiforp – I like the template-based message approach $9.95 per month but limited subscribers without upgrade

  • European Safelist – Basic function autoresponder $7 per month
  • Global NPN – Full Featured Business System with a respectable autoresponder but support is non-existent.

  • Mail Chimp – has been a contender but gets expensive as your list grows.

Why So Many?

I am involved with MANY projects and systems.  They each have their own requirements, and many give you no option to vary from their standards.   If there is licensing of a product or service, you may be required to use approved and copyrighted promotion materials, in which case you CANNOT vary from those standards or modify the messaging without corporate approval.

Time Savers

In some cases, it is worthwhile going with the recommended autoresponder platform because that project supplies a “done-for-you” follow-up message sequence that requires only some setup and tweaking.  To do this yourself would take days (or more).  Or, as indicated above, the approval process might be prohibitive.

Ease of Use

Some autoresponders are full-featured, have excellent editors and a good selection of pre-made templates.  They may have tracking and statistics (you always analyze EVERYTHING).    There are some  less expensive autoresponder systems, but I find them choppy and hard to navigate.  Once set up, they are ok, but not friendly to work with.  You get what you pay for.


If you plan on starting out cheap, then upgrading to a top-of-the-line autoresponder system such as Aweber, GVO, or TrafficWave, be aware that these systems have severe restrictions on importing leads from external sources.  You must effectively impose on each subscriber to opt-in again, only to your new autoresponder, in which case you are likely to lose a large number of those subscribers.

You are then tasked with manually transporting your messaging from one autoresponder system to another.   This can be a huge project.

These two issues are the main reasons I have not consolidated everything into one autoresponder system.  Strategically, you would not want to do that.  If your single autoresponder goes down, your business STOPS.  An autoresponder with capture page capability is the single most important piece of software in your business if you intend to maintain any kind of online presence.

The Rundown – (abbreviated here as Full function unlimited autoresponders, unlimited lead capture, unlimited subscribers, downline builder and so much more built on LSN 1.0 platform.    Get Here

Aweber is extremely friendly, and flexible, and widely used.  There are integration modules and apps that help you incorporate this technology into other commercial applications.  I have many templates set up for the various projects — newsletters, information desks, eCourses, etc.  I like Aweber, and they have great tutorials and a responsive help desk.  ClickBank Passive Income Pro requires Aweber for integration with lead capture, and the done-for-you drip campaign is in Aweber.  Great statistics.  Price goes up as the number of subscribers top a certain threshold.  Automatically creates a text version of the formatted messages. $19.95 per month for basic plan with no reseller fee.  Get Aweber Here

GVO – This is more than an autoresponder: it is a complete full function business system.  There are other GVO derivative projects like Empower Network, DotComSecretsX, Plug In Profits, Viral Secrets that are tightly integrated with GVO.   This is my favorite autoresponder, and where I have the largest independent lists of subscribers.  The editor requires that you create an HTML (formatted) message AND a text-only version.  Good statistics, and easy-to-use broadcast capability.  My upgrade to 10,000 subscribers only cost $5 per year.  $24.95 per month with Pure Leverage, that offers a 30-day free trial.  Reseller fee required $19.95 per month. Get GVO Here

GetResponse – Another of the biggest and most popular autoresponders.  It has a rather unique template-based page and scheduling method that gives you a graphical calendar-view layout.  My main reason for getting GetResponse was because certain affiliate programs required it.  I started to promote several JVZoo programs, and found that there was a custom integrated version that has an API used with JVZoo.  If you are marketing JVZoo products, be sure you subscribe through JVZoo, and no other program.  Many JVZoo programs have done-for-you campaigns that just plug in to the JVZoo version, which saves time, and you can share your campaigns with others on your team.  My leads, subscribers, and campaigns were totally transferrable to the JVZoo version – once the transfer was complete, I was able to terminate the non-JVZoo version.  Get GetResponse Here (non-JVZoo version)

TrafficWave – Very flexible, and  many controls to customize flow of the campaign.  Has a very desirable feature: campaign chaining.  Required for Perpetual Income Club.  Unlimited campaigns and autoresponder messages. No limit to subscribers.  All one price $17.95 per month but they offer 30 day free trial.  Also offers the Matrix  Buster program where you pay for the first paid month for a referral, but you get it back in bonus and commissions.  No reseller fee.  

Global NPN – This is more than an autoresponder: it is a complete full function business system. At the Basic level, the Mail Marketer Pro is limited to one campaign with limited followup messages.  $15 per month for Basic.  Graduated limits as you upgrade to different membership levels.  

European Safelist – unlimited, no frills, but functional.  Included as an upgraded member of European Safelist for $7 per month.  Get European Safelist Here

AIOP Response – Basic no frills autoresponder functionality – only $11.45 per month.  Pays $10 per referral, no reseller fee. Get AIOP Here

My Picks

I like and use Team Elite Home Businesses, GVO, AIOP, GetResponse, and Aweber.

Which Autoresponder Should You Get?

The one best suited for the project.  This is where my offer of free consulting comes into play.  Let’s figure out the issues, requirements, constraints, and plan together.

Note that these are MY  opinions, and do not necessarily reflect on any of my business partners, business associates, or clients. There are literally hundreds of autoresponders out there, but this has hit the major players

Rich Moyer

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Purchased Leads

The Issue:  Purchased Leads

I have mixed feelings about purchasing leads in bulk.  For one thing, I want to be sure how FRESH, how RELEVANT, and HOW THEY WERE OBTAINED.I have had both good and bad experiences with purchased leads.
What Makes a Lead Good?Well, the obvious answer from the peanut gallery, is, “Did They Buy Stuff?”  WRONG.

You need to qualify that a little better, because even the known “buyers” rarely buy on first exposure to ANYTHING!  It takes seven to eleven or more exposures for someone to “get it”, recognize and understand a product or service enough to CONSIDER a buying decision, and maybe even longer to build enough trust in YOU to make a move.

So, if you were to say that you have been sending your split tested ads to a demographically similar audience over a period of time using the various cognitive media (visual, audible, and kinesthetic) and your comparative statistics are above/below your expectations, then THAT is a statement.

Excuse me, but it’s getting pretty crowded with my massive staff of analysts vying for position around the statistics screen… you might know them:  Me, Myself, and I.

But seriously, it takes more than a cursory glance to make a decision on whether or not your leads are good.

It Could Have Been ME.

Early on, I just could not bring myself to do cold calling leads.  My buddy has been at the top of the leader boards for as long as I have known him – we’re talking years!  He  kept telling me that the secret to closing a sale is TALKING TO PEOPLE.

What’s funny is that I spent many years in technical support sometimes with 4-5 people on hold, juggling calls all day long.  The difference is that they were calling ME for my experience and expertise.  I was a techie and a consultant.  I couldn’t sell.  I was very out of my element with marketing and sales… or was I?

One day, the lightbulb went on.  In fact these people I was calling were ALSO in need of my expertise, THEY JUST DIDN’T KNOW IT!   So rather than calling someone to SELL something, I call them to HELP them.  I lead with “This is not a sales call. I am responding to your request for information.   I’m a retired professional consultant and there is no charge.  I just want to understand what you are looking for, and I want to answer your questions.”

This, in fact, is true. In the corporate world, I was a professional consultant, and even before I retired, I had first opened my consulting firm in 1996.

My Opinion of Leads Changed

So, if I were to approach purchased leads ONLY using email marketing, I would probably say that all the thousands of leads I had purchased were bad.  In fact, when I started to take some different approaches, my opinion of many of the leads I had purchased changed.

I started to approach these leads in different ways.   I use an outgoing call service called Call Loop.   I will set up outgoing recorded calls (in my own voice) that offers my assistance in getting the information the lead was seeking when they signed up on our website.  One Sunday a couple weeks ago, I sent out 10 Call Loop calls.  My Call Loop message,mentions that I am following up with an email that has my contact information.,

I got callbacks from three people, and while I didn’t see any immediate conversions, based on the conversation we had, two of those people had actually called me a couple months later to tell me they subscribed to the program I had recommended for them.

I won’t be trashing any lead companies since I based my original opinions on email response alone.  Here are some thoughts on leads with which I had a good response:

  • MLM Recruit On Demand
    As I mentioned before, this program is absolutely worth the $15 one-time charge for the telephone sales training by Ryan Gunness.  You also get 100 leads forever.  When you go through the first 100, and are diligent about rating the leads you attempted to contact, MLMROD will keep replenishing them ad infinitum.  I found poor response to email contacts.  There were many bad emails and phone numbers, but all you have to do is mark the status as such and they will be replaced.

  • WorldProfit
    I purchased leads from George Kosch and got some good response to Call Loop messages that yielded some free associates, but no conversions.  I’m about half way through that list.

  • The Conversion Pros
    These are some of the best purchased leads I have ever used.  Emails and phone numbers were accurate, and while I did not get conversions for TCP, I actually have gotten conversions into other programs. Again, the consultative approach found a better match.

  • Boost My Online Biz
    Jury is still out.  I have about 7000 leads.  Here is a snapshot of my email broadcast statistics:

  • USA Lead Club
    Not very good email response.  I did not attempt phone contact at the time.

  • Pennies for Profits
    Not very good email response.  I did not attempt phone contact at the time.Interesting.  I loaded about 19,000 leads from P4P and USA Lead Club into the ProMailer – included with the LSN Entrepreneur membership.  Here are the stats from ProMailer:

    Emails Sent


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No, there is no magic ring, and these systems have nothing to do with Kryptonite.  They are simply collections of smaller safelist sites who send and receive ads to all other partner sites in the SuperNetwork.
The owners of safelists join SuperNetworks to extend the advertising reach for their members.  Site owners either pay up front for the subscription and requisite software installation, or the site owners pay a monthly fee.  In return, the owners are generally granted one SuperNetwork ad per week that they can use to promote their own site.  The site members benefit from seeing PREMIUM ads designed to attract BUYERS.Most SuperNetworks have a link to a list of partner sites, in addition to the current number of partner sites and member count.

I have my favorite SuperNetworks, and sites that have multiple SuperNetworks available.

There is one site in particular I frequent because it has the largest selection of SuperNetworks (35 at last count).  Per ad prices range from $2.50 go $25.00.  SimpleTextAds offers some killer login offers, and Dave Mosher keeps these offers alive and they change regularly, but I have always found these offers are a great deal.

Join SimpleTextAds – Click the Banner

Other Mega sites I frequent that have large numbers of SuperNetworks and offer great specials (hint: buy in bulk and save):


I own several safelists that have SuperNetwork connections.  You can purchase SuperNetwork ads right from the Advertising Area (called different things on different sites):

I particularly like SuperNetworks that have many Instant Commission sites.  Instant Commission sites tend to have a higher percentage of upgraded members, which translates to a higher percentage of BUYERS, rather than freebie seekers.

Let’s take a little tour of one of my Instant Commission sites.

Check Out The Video

To join my Instant Commission sites, click the banners below and sign up to as a free member using the link below (but consider the great OTO for Lifetime Gold memberships).  Watch for the surfing Happy Hour times to earn double surf points.


Click Here for Downline Builder that shows a banner array for the Instant Commission Sites.

To ensure that your sponsor gets the referral credit, join any SuperNetwork or Instant Commission sites from the extensive Downline Builder at CommissionsUnleashed.  It would be a nice gesture to give your sponsor a heads up of your plans to join so they can  be sure to have their referral links in place.


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Shake the Fear of Making Telephone Sales Calls. MLM Recruit On Demand

Brian Gunness Tells How to Conquer your Fear of Telephone Sales Calls

Brian Gunness of MLMROD has put together some excellent training videos, and has had some awesome (yes, I did actually use that word) “listen-in” recordings of people actually handling these calls in different situations.  The biggest impact on ME was his statement to one lady who was having real problems with the “live” conversations.
He told her, “If you get a live person, simply hang up or tell them wrong number, and call back when you are more likely to get voicemail then leave a message”.  Ingenious!

As a teacher in one of my past lives, I learned that one exposure is generally lost, in fact it can take between 7 and 11 exposures for someone to “get it”.  And, people learn differently and may require different WAYS to expose them to a product or service:

  • Visual (See, as with a video),
  • Kinesthetic (hands on),
  • Audio (hear it).  

You must provide the messages in all of these various media to get the highest impact.

 More About MLMROD.  Just Sign Up.
MLM Recruit On Demand for level P1, costs $15 for LIFETIME membership.  You get 100 leads for free.  When you run out of leads, and MLMROD staff looks at your contact manager log and sees that you are in fact putting in the effort, simply put in a support ticket and they will load another 100 leads FOR FREE.   There are upgrades that get you to higher levels which include initial load of more leads, and there is a “done-for-you” option where the MLMROD call center calls these leads for you.  But for someone just starting out, the P1 level should suffice.

MLMROD membership includes all the training videos, and live training sessions every week.  Their support is RESPONSIVE, and in fact, many times you will get Brian himself answering your question directly.

This is SO worth spending $15 for the training, and scripts.

OK, It’s There So Use It.

Included with MLMROD is a contact manager, but it also includes a free subscription to Response Magic.  As a prospect manager, it is OK.  It’s not really an autoresponder — Response  Magic only sends out a welcome message.

Response Magic is free until you reach 100 subscribers.  Hmmm.  That’s how many leads you get from MLMROD.  Your first refresh of leads will throw you over the limit, and you will get hit for $20 per month.

My advice: if you have a better contact manager, use that instead.


Sign Up for MLMROD – Click the Banner



What they don’t tell you about autoresponder companies and LEADS:  Aweber, Get Response, TrafficWave, and most other commercial autoresponders will not allow import of leads from an uncertain source.   These companies have gotten more lenient allowing imports from OTHER AUTORESPONDERS, but you should not ASSUME that your leads can be exported from one autoresponder to another.

The consistent message I am hearing: NOBODY will allow PURCHASED LEADS to be imported.

I have found only one RELIABLE mailer that allows me to import leads:  ProMailer, part of the Entrepreneur level tool suite in Lead System Network (Step 2 of GrabThoseLeads)

Another program I’ve received good reviews for is RapidMailer.  This is marketed through either JVZoo (must have a 50 sale minimum to be approved as a reseller) or through Clickbank.

Sign Up for Rapid Mailer – Click on the Banner

Rich Moyer

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Instant Commission Safelists As A Business

Getting Referrals on Commissions Unleashed

Check Out The Video

We are going to use the Instant Commission site Commissions Unleashed to show you how to build a lucrative business simply with Instant Commission safelist sites, and autoresponder tools to do “customer cultivation”, once your prospects are on YOUR LIST.

What Do We Mean by Instant Commissions Sites

The Instant Commissions strategy was first conceived (at least that was what I was told) by internet marketing superstar Frank Salinas.   I’ve been following Frank for several years, and his reputation precedes him: just about everything he touches turns to Gold.

Joe (BubbaJoe) Freyaldenhoven adopted Frank’s strategy for his websites because it complemented his philosophy he used to formTeam Elite Home Businesses – give people a robost set of state of the art marketing tools, lifetime memberships, training, free or affordable advertising, and earnings opportunities for just a little money, and we ALL succeed.
Instant Commissions sites generally follow the same recipe:

Membership Levels – One free level, and 4 paid Lifetime memberships

    • Free Memberships are available that earn 20% of sales.  To maintain that membership, they must be active in every 30 day period
    • 4 Levels of Lifetime Membership
      • Silver – 33% of sales
      • Gold – 50% of sales
      • Platinum – 75% of sales
      • Founders – 100%+ of sales

Whoa Nellie!  How can you get 100%+ Commissions? Once you understand how commissions are administered, it will make sense.

Most traditional commission systems are built on a PERCENTAGE of the SALE.  They take the total commission-eligible revenue for a sale and pay out a percentage of that transaction.  The funds are held by the system administrator and are distributed on request once the member exceeds a minimum distribution threshold.

Instant Commissions sites are different!  It considers the NUMBER of Payments.  When it is either the admin’s turn, or the member’s turn… THEY GET THE FULL AMOUNT OF PAYMENT                                                                                                                                                                        REGARDLESS OF AMOUNT!

Even free members can earn money!  For example:
A Pro (free) member earns 20% commission.  The member gets the full amount of 1 sale, the Admin gets 4 commissions (regardless of amounts).
Rinse and Repeat.

Just suppose that a sale in rotation for the free member is $397 (a Founders Upgrade).  In traditional comp plans, a Free Member would get $79.40  (397 * 1/5).

With Instant Commissions that Free member would earn $397!!!

And… the funds are distributed immediately, directly to the sponsor via Paypal, Payza, or other payment processor available.  That is why it is so critical to complete your profile on Instant Commissions sites.  If there is no payment method defined in the sponsor’s profile, then that payment DEFAULTS TO THE ADMIN.

Another important point is that even a Free member can sponsor a FOUNDER.  You do not need to attain that level to receive the compensation for someone who upgrades to the higher level.

Now, an examples of a Great Deals:
Using a Gold Member (50% Commissions)


  • Admin gets 1 Sale(regardless of amount).
  • Gold Member gets 1 Sale
  • Admin Gets 1 Sale
  • Gold Member Gets 1 Sale

And it gets even better, the MONEY ZONE,

  • Platinum Member (75% Commission)
  • Admin gets 1 Sale (regardless of amount)
  • Platinum Member gets 3 Sales!

Then all the way up to Founders Level

  • The Founder level member gets ALL of the Commissions (including the Admin’s share)

I’ll bet you are thinking that the Founder has to work his/her butt off to keep a continuous stream of referrals to make that 100%+


The Admin only gets the “pass-up” commissions if the Admin personally brings in the referral.  All other referrals flow down from Founders.  So for all members who were NOT brought in by the Admin (or just stumbled upon the site and joined):

  • FOUNDER gets 4 sales, Free member gets 1 sale
  • FOUNDER gets 3 sales, Silver member gets 1 sale
  • FOUNDER gets 1 sale, Gold member gets 1 sale
  • FOUNDER gets 1 sale, Platinum member gets 3 sales

So you see, it is even a better deal to be a FOUNDER than an Admin!  No system admin headaches, hosting fees, SuperNetwork partnerships, traffic co-ops, tech support, approving and denying ads.  Just sit back and collect commissions and encourage your complete downline to INFINITE LEVELS to recruit more and more referrals!

What are the Incentives to Join Instant Commission sites?

This varies by site, and the promo du jour, but generally, Instant Commissions sites offer a very affordable  OTO (generally a Lifetime Gold membership, tons of ads and points).  For instance, this is an example OTO for CommissionsUnleashed:

  • $17 One Time Lifetime Gold Membership
  • Earn 50% of Sales
  • Claim over $450 in Free Traffic!
  • Redeem Other Promo Codes Hidden Within the Site!
  • Founders Earn up to 100% in Commissions Plus Admin Share

What Features Will You Find at CommissionsUnleashed?

Commissions Unleashed is an Instant Commissions list building site, safelist, and surf site

Onsite Ad Types
(Purchase, Trade Points or Commissions)
Text links, Banners, Buttons, Block Ads, Headline Ads, AdsPlus Ads,  Premium Ads, Login Ads, Featured Ads,  Billboard Ads,

Email Ad Types
(Purchase, Trade Points or Commissions)
Solo Ads, Member Solos, List Mailer, System Mailer, Footer Ads, Header Ads

Paid Members have a No-Email Option.

Premium Ad Types (Highly Effective)
(Purchase or Trade Commissions)
Residual Builder, Bonus Gift Slots, Daily Bonus Slots, Fullpage Ads

SuperNetworks (BEST VALUE)
(Purchase for only $3.99 each)
Ads sent to Tens of Thousands.  Top Apex Solo Network Ads, Global Viral Network Ads
SuperNetworks have a high percentage of Instant Commission sites that have a high percentage of PAID members

Viral Ad Types
Viral Links, Viral Ads, Viral Rotators

Do you want to learn MORE about each feature, specials, hints and tips, free or low cost eCourses, free or low cost eBooks, done-for-you autoresponder campaign?

Download the Free eBook – Click the Book Cover.



The Plan

Join Commissions Unleashed

  • Take OTO #1 or the Second Chance OTO! 
  • How Much?  $17.00 for Lifetime Gold Membership.
  • Get $450 in Ads and Bonuses with Gold Upgrade
  • Huge Variety of Onsite and Email Ad Options
  • Earn 50% of Sales and Upgrades from your Referrals.
  • Opens the Door to Platinum or Founder Upgrades.
  • Current promo (at the time of this article) an Additional HALF MILLION POINTS

Save Time and Money

  • SuperNetwork Solo Ads to Tens and Thousands
  • All Double Opt-In Members
  • Takes 2 Minutes Per Ad
  • One Membership.  2 SuperNetworks.  Under $4 Each Solo
  • Bulk Purchase SuperNetwork Ads 5 for $15.  
  • Surfing for Credits Not Necessary. 

Build Your List

  • Each Referral is on YOUR List
  • Email Your Referrals with YOUR Offers
  • Banners, Text Ads, Solo Ad Copy, Tweets Provided
  • Optional Autoresponder & Lead Capture System
    Team Elite Responder for $47 Gold Lifetime.
    – Done-For-You Lead Capture Pages and Autoresponders
  • Extensive Downline Builder at Commissions Unleashed and

Earn Money

  • Earn 50% of Sales for Each Referral’s Upgrades, Ad Purchases as a Gold member
  • You Get Paid 100% of one sale, Pass Up the Next…
  • Rinse and Repeat

Make TRAFFIC Your Business Opportunity!

    • Sign Up for Other “Instant Commission” Sites
  • Your Lucky Fast Cash offers the Same 2nd Chance OTO  
  • Join all “Instant Commission” Sites (from the Downline Builder on Commissions Unleashed)
  • More Sites Converting to “Instant Commission” Sites Every Week
  • Many of these Sites Offer Different SuperNetworks to Extend Your Advertising Reach
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Commissions Unleashed is an excellent opportunity site.

  • This is NOT a Pyramid or Ponzi Scheme, MLM or a get-rich-quick program.
  • It is NOT a matrix program, or a multi-level marketing program.
  • There is no requirement to have a website or sell any product to use our service.
  • There is no requirement to refer anyone to our site to use our service.
  • Bringing in referrals can be rewarded with commissions, points, or ads.
  • Purchases made by referrals pay commission ON ONLY ONE LEVEL to the sponsor according to that sponsor’s membership level.
  • Commission is earned as a percentage of SALES instances, not a percentage of revenue
  • You won’t get rich by using our internet advertising program.
  • Members are required to login and show activity on their account at least in every 30 day period.
  • Members are required to have Paypal or Payza to be paid commissions or make any onsite ad purchases or upgrades.
  • Payments of commissions are direct to the sponsoring member or admin via Paypal or Payza.
  • There is a no refund policy
  • 150% Commissions is a phrase that describes 100% Commissions from all sales + the Admin share


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