Every Marketer Should Have These Two Things

Every Marketer Should Have These Two Things

Do you have a place with online access to store your marketing tools, images, web pages, and blog?

Do you have a way to capture, store,and follow-up with your leads?

A place where you can share documents and photos?Do you have and control your OWN email?

The two things I am referencing:  An Autoresponder and Hosting
Why You Need an Autoresponder

The Money is in the Followup!  People rarely buy on first exposure to a product or service, in fact, it takes 7-11 exposures to move someone from…

Lead (curious)  to  Prospect (interested)   to   Potential Buyer (making buying decision)

They are looking for INFORMATION, not sales pitches.

By capturing that lead and doing the FOLLOWUP, YOU become the authority that provides that information and are positioned to make that sale when THEY are ready to make that buying decision!

Are you throwing stones at birds on a wire?

If you are just promoting affiliate pages without capturing those leads FIRST so you can provide that information, it is like you are throwing stones at birds on a wire…

You may or may not hit one, but one thing for sure, you will NEVER be able to contact any of them again!

So in summary, you need an autoresponder for:

  • Lead Capture and Storage
  • Subscriber Management
  • Follow-up campaigns and message streams
  • Broadcast

Why You Need Hosting

  • Images.  I have found that I am always creating, resizing, editing, or making my OWN copies of images I use in my advertising. Some are not the right size, some need correction, some just need a storage place accessible from the web
  • Pictures.  I often personalize my ads with actual pictures I’ve uploaded.  I have landing page background of bison and moose in Yellowstone, scenes in Alaska and Yosemite, etc.
  • Landing Pages.  I make my own landing pages (it’s not hard – like using a word processor).  I also have tons of free templates that require only minor editing (like defining my autoresponder capture fields).  
  • Editors.  No need to buy expensive desktop tools. The text editor and HTML editor are perfect free tools available on 95% of hosting through CPANEL.
  • eBooks and PLR – Many ebooks, videos, training, and reports grant permissions for you to share, give away, or sell.  Many of these come with websites that are easy to upload and set up. 
  • Software. Many PLR/MRR programs are free or low cost.  Build your OWN product sets by installing them on your site and promoting them (with a lead capture page of course.
  • Email.  Fortify your BRAND by having email from your OWN domain.  Email does require lots of resources. Free or low-end hosting is not adequate
  • Blog.  Wordpress is a resource hog, so free or low-end hosting is not adequate for even the most basic WordPress blog requirements.  I 

You have many options so let’s look at possibilities that can adequately meet requirements while also considering cost.  I have, or have had most of the autoresponders available, and many hosting arrangements.  Here is my recommendation for someone starting out:

All-in-One-Profits can meet most of these requirements for one low monthly price.  At this point, we will not recommend high-end requirements like WordPress Blogs or your own email domain.


AIOP has been around for years.  A simple, straight forward, unlimited autoresponder: unlimited campaigns, unlimited subscribers, unlimited messages, broadcast your lists once per day.

  • You will be able to load pre-written email campaigns.
  • Your subscribers are required to verify their email (double opt-in).
  • You cannot import leads from other sources.


With the AIOP BASIC membership, ($11.45 per month) hosting is free, and perfectly fits as a place to store your web pages, landing pages, and images. 

  • I would NOT recommend it for high-traffic, big storage, or large bandwidth usage like a WordPress blog.  For that, I recommend Hostgator hosting.
  • I would recommend getting a domain name to establish your “brand” whether on AIOP or other hosting provider.  I have found NameCheap to be inexpensive and reliable.

Tools and Landing Pages

AIOP has a variety of useful, and necessary tools

  • Nice landing page creator, hosted by AIOP
  • Tracking allows you to track your links
  • Rotator that allows you to promote many links with one URL
  • There are tons of free landing page templates that integrate nicely with the AIOP autoresponder at ReduceTheHype

AIOP can itself be a stream of income

  • Promote AIOP like you would any other affiliate program.
  • It has all the affiliate marketing tools: landing pages, banners and graphics, promotional emails
  • The comp plan is simple.  Keep one signup, pass up one signup to your sponsor.  $10 per month per referral.
  • The upgrade provides more capabilities and higher commission levels

Other Options:


  • Sendiio – Unlimited. One-time Fee. No monthly Fees
    • No hosting or blog needed
    • Import Unlimited Leads
  • Aweber – Limited. 30 days free. $19 per month, but increases with number of subscribers. No hosting or blog, landing page creator extra
  • GetResponse – Limited. 30 days free. $15 per month, but increases with number of subscribers. No hosting or blog, landing page creator extra


  • HostGator – full service hosting and domain provider
  • ViralHosts – Low-end requirements only $7.00 Lifetime
  • GoDaddy – full service hosting and domain provider

Landing Pages

  • ReduceTheHype – free downloadable landing page templates. Requires hosting
  • Instant Squeeze Page Generator –Free Squeeze Pages and Content
  • Responsive Squeeze Page Generator – Low cost, NICE
  • EasyCash4Ads – one time $19. Lots of unique squeeze pages + a new resellable lead magnet every month.
  • SoManyHits – by the makers of EasyCash4Ads. Lots of unique squeeze pages + Tracking + Traffic
  • Dave Mosher’s Safelists – Dave owns about 200 safelists that are being ported to a new platform. Upgraded members have a free “splash page creator”, rotators, link cloaking. Click the link for my recommendations. Join free, get huge ad pack, promo codes

My Preference, is to get all this under one roof at WorldProfit.

  • I recommend the Silver membership upgrade at $99.95 per month* that includes, at no extra charge, all products and services with ad copy and Done-For-You landing pages
    • fully customizable website and content management software
    • Prospect Manager, Newsletter system, Call Loop, Email Commander
    • Landing Page Builder, Graphics Creator, Banner Creator
    • Magic List Builder, Traffic Multiplier, Magic Site Grabber makes any webpage a lead capture page
    • Image and eBook hosting. Optional: full CPANEL hosting
    • Basic blog. Optional full WordPress Blog includes hosting
    • Lazy Blog Poster
    • Article Directory, eBook Creator, Cover Creator
    • PLR Vault with Bonus Builder, Reseller’s Club, eBook Rebrander
    • Clickbank Promo Kit, JVZoo Money Maker Kit
    • Video Vault
    • Classified Ads Site, and so much more
    • * Full year annual memberships are available that save you 60%
  • The Platinum VIP Upgrade at $149.95 per month*
    • Full Autoresponder + so much more
    • * Full year annual memberships are available that save you 60%

Rich Moyer

re: Frank Bauer’s endorsement of ORU

Many Affiliate Marketers and site owners have fallen victim to the Paypal hatchetman, but I have been building contingencies to maintain business continuity.  Enabling new payment methods has not been seamless, but, with only a short hiatus, my business is IN BUSINESS.

Many big names in this industry are now signing up for ORU: Frank Bauer, Dave Mosher, Frank Salinas, Frank Hester

Let’s understand that our industry has had it easy when it comes to payment processing.  Most OFFLINE businesses, for decades, have been held hostage by the banking industry, paying exorbitant monthly subscriptions, high transaction fees, and were required to purchase or lease expensive terminal hardware.  I was one of them for many years.  Paypal was a nice benefit once my business shifted from brick and mortar to online.

The reality: Employing several payment methods is a CONVENIENCE for the PURCHASER that business owners have shouldered because the lines between CUSTOMER and SELLER have blurred in online business. 
As to fees, YES ORU does have s $24.95 setup fee and charges $5.95 per month.  BUT  you are granted UNLIMITED USE with NO OTHER FEES!.  Let me tell you that my merchant account with the largest payment processor in the US was running $75 to $100 per month PLUS TRANSACTION FEES.  This was a COST OF DOING BUSINESS  If you whine about $5.95 per month with NO FEES, you obviously do not understand the realities of being IN BUSINESS.  You have been spoiled.

  • I am now offering ORU as my PREFERRED payment method. Why? Low cost and rewards. Credit/Debit, or Direct Payments.
  • I will continue to offer STRIPE until that other shoe drops.
  • I am offering Coinpayments that accepts Credit/Debit, supports Crypto, and has a Paypal Passthru.  Fees are high, but tolerable.
  • Over-the-phone Credit/Debit transactions using SquareUp (also high transaction fees)
  • Direct Payments with SolidTrustPay, Zelle, and Circle 
  • I will be offering Initiative Q once it gets off the ground later this year

The more you understand about today’s environment, and shift your mindset to being a BUSINESS rather than an uninformed CONSUMER, you will recognize the businesses who are enabling contingencies for BUSINESS CONTINUITY.  THESE are the companies that will SURVIVE!
I STRONGLY RECOMMEND adopting ORU, not only for payment processing, bit also for the no-fee VISA Debit Card or all your purchases.  Use Code RIC5550>>>>> https://www.orumarketplace.com

To make purchases on my sites, access Advertising ! Direct Payments.  Or go directly to the ORU Marketplace and search for the site name:SoloAdsWork,  FunSoloAds,  SuperLinkSolos,  AeroMailsClub,  AmazingTextAds, ViperTextAds,  or HotTextAds


Rich Moyer
1-484-902-8819 m-f 8am-5pm EST
Email: richard.moyer.1953@gmail .com
Get a Free 10 Minute Consult.
Paying It Forward…

Let Me Help You Solve Your Network Marketing Problems

First, let’s define the problems:
1. Strategy, Mindset – “For people who get it, no explanation is necessary.  For people who do not get it, no explanation will do”
2. Commitment to your business – Prioritize, and dedicate time for your business
3. List Building – generate at least 1000 people to your list
4. Communicate with your List – Get your list to know, like, and trust you 
5. Promote the RIGHT products and services to your list. 

Most people are never past Step 1.  

  • They simply do not get it.  They do not have the knowledge or training
  • They don’t know the difference between Cold Traffic (list building) and Warm Traffic (know, like, trust)
  • They go right to Step 5 hoping to shortcut the process.
    • Suggestions for strategy and mindset:  Check out the video by Matthew Graves, 90 Day Success
    • Suggestions to understand tools and promotion:  WorldProfit Silver Membership

Most people do not treat this like a business

  • They don’t want to commit the TIME
  • They don’t understand that it takes MONEY
  • They want to do everything for free

Most people do not have a list.  Here’s how.

  • Start out with a QUALITY Single-Opt-In Autoresponder (GetresponseAweber , WorldProfit)
  • Promote to COLD TRAFFIC (safelists, traffic exchanges) to get new leads on your list
  • Most people do not focus on building their list – they promote products to Cold Traffic (certain failure)
  • Focus on building a list of 1000 people
    • Everything you promote to COLD TRAFFIC MUST HAVE A LEAD CAPTURE PAGE. Period!
    • It’s OK to have people on MULTIPLE LISTS receiving topic-appropriate messaging
    • Suggestions for lead capture and lead magnets:
    • Suggestions for incentives: WorldProfit traffic packs, ebooks, reports; AIOP for PLR; Sunday Freebies

Get your list to know, like, and trust you

  • Email YOUR List. Send 3-4 times per week to YOUR LIST.  
    • 80% Give them INFORMATION, 20% Products or services
  • Subtle Promotions (a rotator after signature line)
  • Suggestions for Professional Email Creation: Email Marketing MastersSplit Test Mailer
  • Suggestions: WorldProfit newsletters, articles, ebooks;  ebook creator 

Promote the RIGHT products and services to your list

  • Promote what YOU USE
  • Multiple offers to generate multiple streams of income
  • Offers appropriate for your audience
  • Suggestions: Tools, Information sources, income programs, Clickbank Products, JVZoo Products

I want to help.


Rich Moyer
1-484-902-8819 m-f 8am-5pm EST
Email: richard.moyer.1953@gmail .com
Get a Free 10 Minute Consult.
Paying It Forward…

Now Pay with Coinpayments

New Payment Methods are being enabled this week that give you many more payment options for purchases.

Direct Payments Pages have been moved to a secure site.  You can access these pages to make purchases from Advertising ! Direct Payments.

Direct Payments using Credit/Debit Cards with Stripe, Coinpayments, SquareUp, or Solid Pay Trust will be accepted.  

This week, Coinpayments is being installed in all 7 sites:

  • SoloAdsWork
  • FunSoloAds
  • SuperLinkSolos
  • AeroMailsClub
  • AmazingTextAds
  • ViperTextAds
  • HotTextAds

Coinpayments allows dozens of cryptocurrencies AND has a Paypal Passthrough so you CAN pay using your Paypal account. 

You can purchase:

  • One-time-offer (OTO) for $10
  • 10,000 Credits for $10
  • Solo Ads $1.60 each or 10 for $10
  • Supernetwork Solos $2.49 to $3.99 each, or 5 Supersolos for $10 to $15
  • Supernetwork Traffic Links  $3.00 each for 500 clicks 

To give yourself more options, apply for a Paypal Debit Card so you can use your Paypal funds on sites that only accept credit/debit cards

Rich Moyer – Admin

List Building Using Safelists

 OK.  I keep talking about building your list, lead capture pages, and autoresponders.  It is CRUCIAL to your success that you UNDERSTAND THIS!!!

This is how your flow should be:

  • The Subject Line of your email or ad is what gets the email viewer to OPEN your email.

  • The Ad Copy of your email gets them CURIOUS or INTERESTED enough to click the Credit Link.

  • The Credit Link in that email takes the viewer to a  Lead Capture Page, whose ONLY purpose is to get the viewer’s name and email.  NOT MAKE SALES!!!

  • Your Autoresponder is where you STORE the Lead Capture information, obtain email confirmation, and redirect the viewer to a Sales Page that provides that viewer with more information, lets them registrate for the business opportunity, or pay for a product or service.

  • By storing that lead’s information in an autoresponder, it gives you the opportunity to send automated email message streams to that lead with more information, or more information from the Sales Page in small chunks (people don’t READ webpages – they mostly skim, too intimidated by the volume of information presented).

  • The autoresponder also allows you to Broadcast general messages, promotions, or Sales Pages to your list.  (Hint: autoresponder Automated Message Streams and Broadcasts are where you will MAKE SALES!!!  NOT by posting ads or affiliate links on Safelists or Traffic Exchanges!!!)

Lead Capture Pages.

A Squeeze Pages, Landing Pages, and Lead Capture Pages are essentially the same thing. There are many choices that range from Done-For-You, Fill-in-the-Blank, or Do-It-Yourself.  Here are some ideas:


  • Some programs (like WorldProfit Silver membership) have the landing pages complete for the specific product or service, and the lead capture information goes to your Prospect Manager (tied into their whole system).  Paid WorldProfit members have the option of having that lead information also sent to your autoresponder, or if Platinum VIP, to the full function WorldProfit Autoresponder System

  • The landing pages in the Your Viral Network mailers by Matthew Graves can store lead information in each mailer site, which allows downloading and sending email broadcasts to your list, but also ties it directly to autoresponders like GetResponse or Aweber.  Not only GREAT mailers, but also great list builders.

  • Likewise on Matthew’s Your Viral List, Done-For-You Lead Magnets (reports) with built-in lead capture to your list and autoresponder

  • Full-feature Autoresponders like Team Elite Home Businesses have many pre-built landing pages that can be set up in minutes.


There are many systems and safelists that offer free or low-cost Squeeze Page Builders.  Just fill in some basic information, and your autoresponder capture page code (you simply copy/paste from your autoresponder)

  • Most of Dave Moshers full function safelists offer free Squeeze Page Builders.  Great sites! Join Free and get free ad packs, but consider the OTO and other offers too!

  • Full-feature Autoresponders like Team Elite Home Businesses and All-in-One-Profits have fill-in-the-blank landing page builders that can be set up in minutes.

  • WorldProfit Silver and Platinum VIP members have many options available: 
    • the Landing Page Builder with dozens of templates
    • the Magic List Builder, the Magic Site Grabber,  and Traffic Multiplier that turn any webpage into a lead capture page
    • the Lead MagnetSales Funnel BuilderInstabuilder

  • Sites like Instant Squeeze Page Generator


If you are building your own landing pages, there may be sites that will host your creations, and some technical skill may be required.

  • There are literally thousands of template providers that save you lots of time.  I like Reduce The Hype. Download the templates for free (I suggest donating to the owner) then store them on your hosting account.

  • You may want to get some training on CPANEL, and using the HTML editor and Text editor.

  • Obtaining Hosting has several options. 

So, now that you are TOTALLY CONFUSED and intimidated, it is not that hard, and I am willing to help.  I want YOU to succeed.


Rich Moyer
1-484-902-8819 m-f 8am-5pm EST
Email: richard.moyer.1953@gmail .com
Get a Free 10 Minute Consult.
Paying It Forward…

toresponse to Safelist eMail

Admin Notice

Autoresponse to Safelist eMail 

Autoresponse to emails are a violation of the TOS on just about all safelists.  It is treated like a BOUNCE and affects mailing scores, which could substantially reduce the mailer site ability to send volume emails, or even result of suspension of mail privileges by the safelist hosting provider. 

The Admin email is not monitored.  I just happened to be checking the system logs.

Whether it is an autoresponse or a solicitation email to the Admin no-reply account, it still is treated like a BOUNCE by the hosting provider.

YOU WILL RECEIVE ONE WARNING then suspension or permanent deletion of your safelist account.

Please remove your autoresponse reply, or cease and desist sending your solicitation link in response to email messages.  I recommend using a separate GMAIL account for marketing emails that does not have autoresonse enabled. 

Rich Moyer –  Admin 

Earn Free Credits and Ads by Viewing Ads Online!

You know about Surfing, you know about earning earn credits for viewing ads, and now you can get even get REWARDS for viewing the various ad types while being logged on to the site.

View Ads (Per Day) and receive Free Rewards!

  • View 25 Banner Ads Receive 1 Free 468×60 Banner
  • View 25 Button Ads Receive 1 Free 125×125 Button 
  • View 25 Text Ads Receive 1 Free Text Ad
  • View 25 Solo Ads Receive 1 Free Solo
  • View 25 HP Solo Ads Receive 1 Free HP Solo 
  • View 100 Surf Ads Receive 25 Credits and 1 Free Solo
  • View 250 Surf Ads Receive 100 Credits and 1 Free Solo

 There is NO LIMIT to the number of free activity rewards you can receive. 

Rich – Admin

Recommended Traffic Sites

My Recommended Traffic Sites

and Free Promo Codes

Instant Commission Sites


My Favorite Mailers

  • YourViral Network Sites.  Join free.
    • Premium members get 1000 points per day, earn 50% commmission
    • Build your list in YOUR autoresponder
    • Upgrade options: Earn your Premium Upgrade, Quarterly $18 or Lifetime $97
    • Paid Premium Members in my downline get Free Lifetime SJV at SoloAdsWork

Other Safelists – Promo Code newmember

Lee Shaw Safelists


Dave Mosher Re-Launch Sites

  • Great Mailers (Solo, HP Solo, Credit Mail)
  • Promo Codes (vary with launches, campaigns)
  • Dimesales (huge way to get inexpensive upgrades!)
  • Great Gold and VIP upgrades
  • Earn good commissions



Banners – Banner and Text Ads are NOT DEAD!
Passive Traffic methods such as Banner and Text Link Advertising should be an integral part of your traffic strategy. Read more about it in my book, “A Traffic Strategy

  • WorldProfit Gold Banner Rotator – 5 Banners unlimited views & clicks for 1 year.  I personally got 10,000+ views and hundreds of clicks last year.  $47 per year

  • Confirmed Traffic – great banner stats and Co-Admin upgrade earns 100% commission PLUS Admin share!
  • Banner Ads are Back – great report
  • Cash In on Banners – one-time $10 upgrade puts your banners on thousands of pages. 100% Commissions so you are break-even with ONE referral.

Ruby Solo eBlaster

Ruby Solos just received a 5 Star Recommendation
from the Queen of Lists, Jane Mark!

Jane revealed Worldprofit\’s Ruby Solos as a 5 star rated service in her new Ebook, “All Your Lists in One Place.”

Find out for yourself why Ruby Solos got the 5 Star Rating here:

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To get a free copy of Jane Mark\’s ebook (and much much more!), sign up as a free Associate member at Worldprofit

PSI personally get 250-350 clicks for every Ruby Solo ad I send.

Check Out Ruby Solos

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Traffic Blasters

Targeted Website Traffic Packages with VERIFIABLE Real Time Tracking!

These traffic blaster packages provide VERIFIABLE Traffic.These are Targeted Visitor Campaigns that can be used for ANY affiliate programs.

  • No bots.
  • No pay to click.
  • No Spam.
  • Trusted sources.
  • Real Visitors only!

Private Tracking Data to VERIFY the traffic as legitimate.

Traffic Packages offered for 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months of 1 Year and each include tracking and real time data.

Great news! You can get started promoting our newest service….

The first landing page is ready so you can start promoting the Traffic Blaster Packages. (Others are coming soon).

Here\’s how to access it.

Join WorldProfit as a free associate:  Click Here 

Confirm your email address (check your SPAM folder)

1. Login to your Member area. On TOP MENU (3rd Row) click on TRAFFIC PACKS.

2. On that page, on the MINI-Menu click on PROMOTE AND EARN.

3. If you have ordered a Traffic Package for yourself, that is also where you enter your ads, and find your ANALYTICS.


  • Free Associates earn 5% on the sale of these traffic packages.
  • Silver Members earn 20% on the sale of these traffic packages.
  • Platinum VIP Members earn 40% on the sale of these traffic packages.

Don\’t forget! LOTS of people who order our traffic packages (including our rotator packages) often UPGRADE to Silver membership within the first 30 days of purchase. We send  (on your behalf)  all buyers of these traffic packages, special offers and incentives introducing them to our Silver Membership as well as other products and services we offer at Worldprofit. 

When your Associates upgrade or purchase another service, that is yet another source of commission for you.

To see the new TRAFFIC BLASTER PACKAGES go here: