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    Stefan Berg had launched TheLeadMagnet ten years ago and it has been an industry standard for list building and traffic.  Ranked #1 for 80 weeks by Hoopla This is a small fraction of what you will get… Build Massive Downlines that will turn your upline green with envy Make More Affiliate Commissions – more often Practically Pull Hot Leads […]

  • I use THESE Sites for Traffic, Referrals, EARN Commissions

    Why Use the BigDogs CHIPS Sites? CHIPS = Coordinated High Income Portfolio Because Secrets of the Big Dogs CHIPS Traffic Sites DELIVER! PROVEN TRAFFIC SOURCES that CONVERT. See the Research. You will Make Little Money Selling the BigDogs ebook:  The CHIPS Traffic Sources used to Promote BigDogs ARE Your Revenue Streams (CHIPS are explained in […]

  • Do Your Emails REPULSE People Rather Than Attract

    You will love this! Write Better Emails Check out this free video that will teach you how to write e-mails that demand attention and pull in the most cash. Click the Credit Link to Watch it Now Learn these techniques ONCE and you will be pumping out killer e-mail promos every time you write so you […]

  • No Measly Commission Payouts. Paid Every Monday Never Fail

    Introducing AdsMessenger A Powerful New Advertising Platform I Personally Use to Promote My Top Moneymakers, Secrets of the Big Dogs and Worldprofit. I Receive 100 Guaranteed Visits to Every Advertising Message I Send at AdsMessenger. 12,064 Members 6,471,060 Views Delivered. I love the No Email Option. No More Gmail Bounces or Quotas. I View all ads from my Back Office. […]

  • Get More Traffic, More Sales with Mailsy

    I have been using Mailsy for years for dependable traffic that converts I use Mailsy to promote my top moneymakers: WorldProfit and Secrets of the Big Dogs Check out the incredible review by Stan “the Big Dog” Stuchinski of Mailsy, and interview with Brian Zens. Mailsy is one of the Big Dogs CHIPS, selected for the + […]

  • People Have Succeeded with BigDogs for 20 Years. Here is HOW

    THE complete and thorough review and analysis of the iconic “Secrets of the BIG Dogs!” Reviewed by Stan Stuchinski PLUS!… …we’ve ALSO included our tutorial… “The DEFINITIVE Guide for Analyzing and Determining If ANY Internet-Based Program, Product, or Service is Reputable and Worth Your Time” This guide is an indispensable, step-by-step resource for ALL Internet marketers, regardless of level […]

  • Send Your Ads Around the World

    It’s all about results according to extensive analysis of conversion statistics. European Safelist has consistently ranked in the “Best Converting Sites” List.    European Safelist is ranked #4 at 385 visitors per signup. I use European Safelist to promote my top money-maker affiliate programs:  Worldprofit  and Secrets of the BigDogs. Results… Proven. Rich Moyer

  • No Clicking. AutoSend to 554,000 Souls. Avg 376 REAL Clicks

    If you can afford pumpkin spice latte every day… You Can Afford the Best Investment In Your Business… Traffic! New Safelist Sites were just added to Master Safelist Blaster I want to help you understand the POWER and VALUE of ads sent from Master Safelist Blaster The Connections Master Safelist Blaster  ==>  Safelists ==> Safelist Members First, […]

  • What Distinguishes BigDogs from Other Programs

    What Distinguishes BigDogs from Other Programs? Stan is always watching the marketing landscape, and makes strategy adjustments when traffic programs are not performing, or when better traffic sources have emerged and have been TESTED and PROVEN. Stan is also looking at ways ALPHA DOGS can get the best ROI from CHIPS programs, with the best rewards […]

  • Network Marketing is not for Poodles. Run with the Bog Dogs

    BigDogs is Not For Poodles I have been promoting Secrets of the Big Dogs for quite awhile and recommend ONE PATH to Success – All In! I’ve been preaching about Multiple Streams of Income FOREVER, and have participated in many programs, both those designed by others, and ones I designed myself. The failure rates on […]