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  • Last eBook you MUST Buy

    Secrets of the Big Dogs is the LAST Network Marketing eBook you MUST BUY.  These 3 Words can lead to YOUR success in Network Marketing Perseverance, Patience, and Consistency.  It takes 30 Minutes per day. Follow the Plan Stan lays out for you. No successful program can survive 20 years unless it is the REAL […]

  • No Easy Button for THESE Businesses. Stop Complaining. Work Harder

    Reality Check Network Marketing is a BUSINESS!     So you wanna start a business?   To open a McDonald’s franchise requires a total investment of 1-2.2 million dollars, with liquid capital available of 750,000 dollars. The franchise fee is 45,000 dollars….   Ace Hardware Franchise. New owners can expect to pay a 5,000 dollars franchise fee […]

  • Showing you the Money

    Check out the new video I posted. >>>>> Click the Link My video goes through all of the CHIPS (Coordinated High Income Portfolio Sites) and gives you my perspective.  I tell you which ones I use (almost all of them) and which ones are my favorites. The traffic benefits from these sites are HUGE, but people […]

  • Mail to 10,000 Every 2 Days. Affordable Executive Upgrade. Earn 50%

    I use GlobalSafelist to Promote (and get results for) my Top MoneyMaker program, Secrets of the Big Dogs. Over 20,000 members strong. GlobalSafelist by Doug English has been an Internet mainstay since 2005! Relatively low-cost program that delivers HUGE benefits! The GlobalSafelist automated system ensures your ad is viewed so you are guaranteed to get real traffic […]

  • The Ultimate Safelist for Serious Internet Marketers

    Jerry Iannucci has done it again! Following the release of his highly successful Safelist Marketing Guide, Jerry has taken his vast knowledge of safelist marketing and created his own unique mailer. It’s called… Mister Safelist! Jerry has taken many of the typical safelist features that you are familiar with and ramped them up to create […]

  • See How I Achieved 50% Upgrade Ratio

    My CONSISTENT Upgrade Ratio of 50% Broke the All Time Big Dogs Record. Check out my interview with Stan the Big Dog Stuchinski. >>>>> Click the Link Take a look at Secrets of the Big Dogs. This is the BEST $7 you will spend for a BLUEPRINT of a GREAT PROGRAM that WORKS. Rich Moyer

  • What You Need is T-Q-M Traffic.

    Big Dogs Provides *T-Q-M* traffic Just what the HECK is *T-Q-M* traffic?WHATEVER you promote, just understand this:  Internet marketing success boils down to one, simple fact— If you have the traffic, you WILL make the sales! But it can NOT be just ANY traffic.  You must have *T-Q-M* traffic— You must have T—ARGETED traffic! It […]

  • Tools You NEED in One Place. Now Pays 100% Commission

    Recession Boohoo. BUT… Coming into Fall, Sales are Picking Up. The Summer Sales Slump is OVER. So what should you be doing in a DOWN ECONOMY to prepare for when people are not distracted and sales pick up? Understand… Your BUSINESS is NOT SALES (although needed to keep your BUSINESS going)… Your BUSINESS is YOUR LIST. […]

  • We Focus Entirely On Getting YOU Results!

    It’s a simple fact.  We ALL need QUALITY traffic to get signups or make sales online.   The problem is finding the GOOD STUFF.  You know, the tools that ACTUALLY WORK. Well, guess what, you just found one of them. ProactiveMailer generates regular signups AND sales for ME, which is exactly what I NEED to succeed. There’s an AFFORDABLE membership […]

  • If Ready to Toss in the Towel STOP Check Out Big Dogs

    Listen. Let me ask ya a personal question, OK? Are you about ready to call it quits and throw in the towel? Are you thinking seriously about taking an axe to your computer? Have you reached the point where you feel that all this Internet stuff is just a scam? My friend, I know EXACTLY […]