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  • Get Ready for Black Friday with Traffic, and a LIST

    Get Ready NOW!!!! Black Friday and Cyber Weekis about how YOU Get Business Get Traffic NOW that Drives Lead Capture Pages to Build Your List. Do NOT Sell on Safelists!Only Sell to Subscribers on Your List. Selling to Your List is How You Earn Money  Soon will be the start of the extended Black Friday and Cyber Week […]

  • Easy Free Hack Gets Your Emails to their Inbox

    Are Your Emails Making it toYour Prospect’s Inbox or… Are they undeliverable or sent to SPAM? This free 16 minute video will give you astep-by-step demo of how to get more of yourmessages actually into the INBOX. Click the link

  • SuperSolos

    Most of Dave Mosher’s safelists are attached to 4-5 ​SuperSolo Networks.  A single network may have 70-100 safelists attached. Each network can have a different mix of sites, but also may have some overlaps, which means if you send the same ad to multiple SuperNetworks, some members may get multiple copies of the ad. When you […]

  • ​Autofill Free Chrome Extension

    ​Autofill free Chrome extension ​Download and install Autofill from Chrome Extensions Enable the extension and right-click the lightning bolt icon on the address bar in the Extensions area ​Right click​ the​ lightning bolt and select Options ​​​​Using Autofill​ – setup​ ​​Right click​ the​ lightning bolt and select Options In Options, Manage!New.  Select it, then Rename as TEMPLATE ​Create a template with ​the ​attached […]

  • Advertising Blowout and MasterSafelistMails

    ​​I encourage you to promote Advertising Blowout ​as a great side hustle.  ​ I use the subject line, “More Free Solos Than You Can Use in a Year” as part of my “Safelists as a Business” strategy.  ​ ​I also include this in my Traffic Deals Newsletter.  I front end my Advertising Blowout​ ​promo with a capture page […]