Downline Builder – New Entries Added

New Entries have been added to the Downline Builder

All 7 sites in our Advertising Community.

Downline Builders should be an important part of your referral strategy. 

Why Promote This Safelist to Get Referrals? 

  • You earn points when referrals login
  • You earn points when referrals earn points
  • You earn commissions when referrals upgrade
  • You earn commissions when referrals make purchases
  • You can use the REFERRAL MAILER to contact your referrals
  • When your safelist referrals join sites in the extensive Downline Builder they become downlines to YOU on THOSE SITES TOO, not only earning points and commissions HERE but also on the other sites where they are in your downline! 

Action You Must Take:

  • Go to Member Tools ! Downline Builder
  • Add YOUR 3 favorite programs.  YOUR REFRERRALS WILL SEE THESE! Add them by providing a short text description, and the WEBPAGE (preferrably a LANDING PAGE).  Set the color, and bold controls.
  • For each Builder entry, paste YOUR FULL AFFILIATE URL for that site and click UPDATE
  • If you are not a member of that builder site, click on the Title above the banner and you will be taken to the main page of that site.  Be sure to record your Affiliate URL for the site (I like to use a spreadsheet like Google Sheets – it is free with a GMAIL address)
  • Join as many of these sites as you can.  Most you can join for free.  Most have PROMO CODES that you can redeem for free credits and ads. 
  • Bookmark these sites and USE THEM to promote your business opportunities! 

This is GREAT FREE TRAFFIC that puts NEW EYES on YOUR Ads.

Rich Moyer – Admin