Evernote – A Sleeper

Evernote – A Sleeper

 was one of those sleepers that has turned out to be an indispensable tool for me. It’s a notepad on steroids.


I have a notebook created for each project.  I have all of my ad copy, all my notes, all of my text ads, my tweets, and everything that I have associated with that particular project organized as notes in that notebook.


Occasionally I have multiple versions of things or I have multiple sub-projects under a project, so I will give them “tags”.  For instance, I may have a plain text version of an ad, a formatted version, and one in which I store a raw html version.

Deliberate Organization

When I write ad copy, the first couple lines contain several subject lines (some SuperNetwork ads have spaces for up to five subject lines). 


The main body of the ad follows including the signature line.


There are several blank lines after the signature line followed by a period. This a trick I learned. Putting a period at the end of your message a couple lines down will keep your signature line from being too close to the credit link in the email.

If there is a PS, that comes next.

Finally, I have the cloaked target URL.

Let’s talk about the Target URL.   NEVER post your raw affiliate ID, in fact you should ALWAYS promote the cloaked URL of a LANDING PAGE.   Do not promote a corporate website – there is little chance that YOUR replicated website will be chosen rather than the THOUSANDS of others who are promoting that same page.  Always promote a UNIQUE page that captures minimally the name and email of a prospect, and puts them on YOUR LIST and autoresponder, regardless if they join your opportunity or not.

URLs are not permitted in the body of credit mails and solo ads.  I cut and paste the URL into the Target URL field when submitting the ad.

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Typical Email Swipe

The Secret to Succeed With Safelists
Note Title
Half Million Points
How to Build a Loyal Downline That Earns for You
How to Succeed With Safelists
Subject Lines
The Secret to Succeed With Safelists,
How to Build a Loyal Downline That Earns for You,
and How to Get a Half Million Points
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Click the big blue and white button above the NAV menu: Daily Bonus
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Ad Body
To Your Success,

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Rich Moyer

Signature Line

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(note that URLs are not permitted in
ad body of credit mail or solos on most
http://av.id.ly/commissionsunleashed Target URL

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