Getting Good Email Marketing Results

Success with email marketing comes down to doing a few things consistently and doing them well.

Whether you are selling digital services, downloads, hamburgers, coaching, music lessons, t-shirts, books, opportunities, or real estate, your success with email marketing will come down to making sure you are doing a few things consistently. Get these right and your business can grow. Skip a step and your business will feel the pain:

Create Your Email Marketing Messages
Your email marketing message needs to be clear about what you are offering, what the benefit is to your subscribers, and how your subscribers can take advantage of the offer. Create effective email marketing messages that will help you convey your message and offer to your potential customers.

Getting Email Leads
Your options include:
a) setting up a hosted capture page in your account.
b) adding capture forms to your blog or web site.
c) using a third party capture page service.
d) adding subscribers from various networking events you attend.

Send Your Emails
You can set up automated follow up letters to go out over time. You can also broadcast special offers and newsletters to your subscribers at any time. We highly recommend our Email Marketing Checklist.

Your Emails Get Opened
Your message gets opened. It is important that your message stand out so that it gets opened and read by your subscribers. This is where you are making your mark, building your reputation, and letting your subscribers recognize your authority in the market place.

Your Offer Link Gets Clicked
You want to be sure you have a clear call to action so that your readers know how to learn more and take advantage of your offer. Once they have opened your message, good layout, design, and call to action will help keep their attention and close the sale.

Close The Sale
The details on this will vary depending on your offer, your industry, and how you interact with your subscribers. Make sure your landing page provides clear instructions not the next step whether that be to place the order, contact your for an appointment, etc…

Some of these steps require some time to set up and some testing to make sure you are getting the results you are looking for. The time you invest now will pay off with time savings, more leads, and more sales in the future.

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