Getting Started Guide

Getting Started Guide

In this module, we will discuss the various sections of a Business Plan.

You will be tempted to skip over this module, because, “I don’t need no stinkin’ business plan”.
There are people who walk a tightrope with no net.
If you are confident that you will never “get caught”, that’s cool.

I prefer to “Play by the rules”.  I am, by the way, a certified auditor…
I hold my colleagues, subordinates, business associates, and customers to the highest moral, ethical, and honesty standards, and do not do business with them if they deviate from the high bar that I have set, and the standards by which I operate.

What You Will Need

– A computer, tablet, or smartphone capable of viewing YouTube videos.

– Pad of paper, pencil/pen, highlighter (or the electronic version of that so you can take notes).  You should be able to take notes while watching the video.

– Earphones, headset, or speakers so you can listen without being disturbed, or disturbing others.

Each module will be broken into 10-15 minute segments



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