Google Tools

Google Tools
For many normal daily functions I use free Google tools.  Google has help videos for all of them.

  • Drive – free cloud storage.  Can be shared

  • Docs – MS-Word compatible word processor. Open, edit, and create documents

  • Sheets – MS-Excel compatible spreadsheet.  Open, edit, and create spreadsheets

  • Slides – MS-Powerpoint compatible presentation tool.  Open, edit, and create presentations

  • Hangouts – conference/webinar/screen sharing.  I also use for remote support

  • Calendar – multi-platform calendar.  Smartphone or tablet apps synch with web version

  • Contacts – Smartphone or tablet apps synch with web version

  • Tasks – nice simple task manager – I have multiple task lists

  • YouTube – yes, this is a Google app

  • Forms – Build free surveys

  • Drawings – Create diagrams and flow charts

  • Sites – Create websites and secure group wikis

  • Voice – One number for all your phones, online voicemail and cheap calling

  • Keep – Evernote-like note/checklist tool – I use this for grocery/shopping lists on my phone

Tutorial: Create a Filter With Gmail

If you are using safelists and traffic exchanges, your inbox gets jammed with messages.  I organize my Gmail account by creating a filter that skips the inbox and stores those messages in a Gmail label (or folder).

Tutorial: Use GMAIL Labs to create Canned Responses for your Welcome Messages

I get 20-50 new leads per day from the various landing pages I publish.  My policy is that when someone has shown enough interest to sign up for my list, whether it be for a newsletter, a particular product or service, or simply from curiosity, I want them to get a message from my PERSONAL EMAIL welcoming them, telling a little about me, a little about the program they subscribed to, and some free resources to help them in THEIR business. If I had to create this from scratch every time, it would be very time consuming.

GMAIL has “Labs” – add-ons you can use go provided features and functions over and above the normal, robust Gmail features.  These come from various sources but are approved by the Google Watchdogs.

Get to Labs by clicking the “Gear” and then select “Settings”.  Find the section called “Labs” on the top menu.  Click the Enable or Disable radio button, and Save Changes.


With the particular Lab called Canned Responses, the make it very easy.   Simply compose a message as though you were sending a new email.  Enter a subject line (which will become the title of the canned response message), the pull up the mini-menu at the lower right corner.  Scroll down until you see in italics “Save New Canned Response”.


To use it, compose a new message, pull up the mini-menu and select the canned response message you want to copy into your new message from the list.

Google Voice Voicemail Recording Setup

Google is just packed with goodies – you need to start using.  They are free, easy to use, and can make a huge difference in your business.

Google Voice is one of those sleepers.  Not only can you make outgoing calls for FREE but it has a full featured voicemail that you can use to make a recorded message for providing information about your business.

The COOL thing about Google Voice, is that when someone calls your phone number, you are notified of the CALLER-ID.  When someone leaves a message, Google will transcribe that voicemail message into an email or text message you can retrieve using your smartphone or tablet!

I recommend writing out your SCRIPT, testing it for length, then PRACTICE SAYING YOUR SCRIPT until you don’t have to think about it – it just becomes a natural extension of YOU.  Your ELEVATOR SPEECH!

I have several Google Voice accounts – one for my VStreamTV Media Center business, and another for my Consulting company. 

My office phone has similar features and is provided through Comcast (that I pay a hefty fee for).  I get transcribed messages from that voicemail also when the line switches to voicemail after business hours.  But getting these features for free at Google Voice has saved me from having to upgrade my Comcast business package for additional lines.

Everybody that has done SEO thinks of Google as the big bad ogre:    Consider this:  They DO  have some really COOL STUFF you can use FOR FREE!

Using Google Tools To Organize 



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