Let Me Help You Solve Your Network Marketing Problems

First, let’s define the problems:
1. Strategy, Mindset – “For people who get it, no explanation is necessary.  For people who do not get it, no explanation will do”
2. Commitment to your business – Prioritize, and dedicate time for your business
3. List Building – generate at least 1000 people to your list
4. Communicate with your List – Get your list to know, like, and trust you 
5. Promote the RIGHT products and services to your list. 

Most people are never past Step 1.  

  • They simply do not get it.  They do not have the knowledge or training
  • They don’t know the difference between Cold Traffic (list building) and Warm Traffic (know, like, trust)
  • They go right to Step 5 hoping to shortcut the process.
    • Suggestions for strategy and mindset:  Check out the video by Matthew Graves, 90 Day Success
    • Suggestions to understand tools and promotion:  WorldProfit Silver Membership

Most people do not treat this like a business

  • They don’t want to commit the TIME
  • They don’t understand that it takes MONEY
  • They want to do everything for free

Most people do not have a list.  Here’s how.

  • Start out with a QUALITY Single-Opt-In Autoresponder (GetresponseAweber , WorldProfit)
  • Promote to COLD TRAFFIC (safelists, traffic exchanges) to get new leads on your list
  • Most people do not focus on building their list – they promote products to Cold Traffic (certain failure)
  • Focus on building a list of 1000 people
    • Everything you promote to COLD TRAFFIC MUST HAVE A LEAD CAPTURE PAGE. Period!
    • It’s OK to have people on MULTIPLE LISTS receiving topic-appropriate messaging
    • Suggestions for lead capture and lead magnets:
    • Suggestions for incentives: WorldProfit traffic packs, ebooks, reports; AIOP for PLR; Sunday Freebies

Get your list to know, like, and trust you

  • Email YOUR List. Send 3-4 times per week to YOUR LIST.  
    • 80% Give them INFORMATION, 20% Products or services
  • Subtle Promotions (a rotator after signature line)
  • Suggestions for Professional Email Creation: Email Marketing MastersSplit Test Mailer
  • Suggestions: WorldProfit newsletters, articles, ebooks;  ebook creator 

Promote the RIGHT products and services to your list

  • Promote what YOU USE
  • Multiple offers to generate multiple streams of income
  • Offers appropriate for your audience
  • Suggestions: Tools, Information sources, income programs, Clickbank Products, JVZoo Products

I want to help.


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