List Building Using Safelists

 OK.  I keep talking about building your list, lead capture pages, and autoresponders.  It is CRUCIAL to your success that you UNDERSTAND THIS!!!

This is how your flow should be:

  • The Subject Line of your email or ad is what gets the email viewer to OPEN your email.

  • The Ad Copy of your email gets them CURIOUS or INTERESTED enough to click the Credit Link.

  • The Credit Link in that email takes the viewer to a  Lead Capture Page, whose ONLY purpose is to get the viewer’s name and email.  NOT MAKE SALES!!!

  • Your Autoresponder is where you STORE the Lead Capture information, obtain email confirmation, and redirect the viewer to a Sales Page that provides that viewer with more information, lets them registrate for the business opportunity, or pay for a product or service.

  • By storing that lead’s information in an autoresponder, it gives you the opportunity to send automated email message streams to that lead with more information, or more information from the Sales Page in small chunks (people don’t READ webpages – they mostly skim, too intimidated by the volume of information presented).

  • The autoresponder also allows you to Broadcast general messages, promotions, or Sales Pages to your list.  (Hint: autoresponder Automated Message Streams and Broadcasts are where you will MAKE SALES!!!  NOT by posting ads or affiliate links on Safelists or Traffic Exchanges!!!)

Lead Capture Pages.

A Squeeze Pages, Landing Pages, and Lead Capture Pages are essentially the same thing. There are many choices that range from Done-For-You, Fill-in-the-Blank, or Do-It-Yourself.  Here are some ideas:


  • Some programs (like WorldProfit Silver membership) have the landing pages complete for the specific product or service, and the lead capture information goes to your Prospect Manager (tied into their whole system).  Paid WorldProfit members have the option of having that lead information also sent to your autoresponder, or if Platinum VIP, to the full function WorldProfit Autoresponder System

  • The landing pages in the Your Viral Network mailers by Matthew Graves can store lead information in each mailer site, which allows downloading and sending email broadcasts to your list, but also ties it directly to autoresponders like GetResponse or Aweber.  Not only GREAT mailers, but also great list builders.

  • Likewise on Matthew’s Your Viral List, Done-For-You Lead Magnets (reports) with built-in lead capture to your list and autoresponder

  • Full-feature Autoresponders like Team Elite Home Businesses have many pre-built landing pages that can be set up in minutes.


There are many systems and safelists that offer free or low-cost Squeeze Page Builders.  Just fill in some basic information, and your autoresponder capture page code (you simply copy/paste from your autoresponder)

  • Most of Dave Moshers full function safelists offer free Squeeze Page Builders.  Great sites! Join Free and get free ad packs, but consider the OTO and other offers too!

  • Full-feature Autoresponders like Team Elite Home Businesses and All-in-One-Profits have fill-in-the-blank landing page builders that can be set up in minutes.

  • WorldProfit Silver and Platinum VIP members have many options available: 
    • the Landing Page Builder with dozens of templates
    • the Magic List Builder, the Magic Site Grabber,  and Traffic Multiplier that turn any webpage into a lead capture page
    • the Lead MagnetSales Funnel BuilderInstabuilder

  • Sites like Instant Squeeze Page Generator


If you are building your own landing pages, there may be sites that will host your creations, and some technical skill may be required.

  • There are literally thousands of template providers that save you lots of time.  I like Reduce The Hype. Download the templates for free (I suggest donating to the owner) then store them on your hosting account.

  • You may want to get some training on CPANEL, and using the HTML editor and Text editor.

  • Obtaining Hosting has several options. 

So, now that you are TOTALLY CONFUSED and intimidated, it is not that hard, and I am willing to help.  I want YOU to succeed.


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