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The Easy Button Has Left the Building!

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There IS NO EASY BUTTON, but what you will find ahead are some ingenious ways to start a Multi-Stream Income business.  By design, these have a low cost of entry, but they also have back-end components that will build your list AND your downline, while providing plenty of residual income opportunities.

We’ll start out with my ebook, “A Traffic Strategy” to give you a basic understanding of my approach and methods.  (This is an un-branded version.  Any links mentioned in this book, you should join on this site because you will be joining under your sponsor, and in turn, when YOUR referrals join GrabThoseLeads, they join YOUR affiliate links)

You may promote this ebook to drive traffic to YOUR replicated website so they join YOUR affiliate programs.  See the Ad Copy page for promo material.  There is a LANDING PAGE for you to use to drive traffic to you GrabThoseLeads affiliate site.

Always Promote to Landing Pages

Many of these programs are affiliate programs or have components that are affiliate programs.  My advice would be NOT to use your affiliate replicated website, but create YOUR OWN LANDING PAGES, get people to sign up and get on YOUR LIST (preferably with a followup email sequence using an autoresponder), and “pre-sell” them before asking them to sign up for the affiliate program.

Getting Referrals and Building Downlines

There is a whole page dedicated to this.  Get it HERE.

About Autoresponders

Your autoresponder would be doing all the heavy lifting by doing “customer cultivation”.  It takes between 7-11 exposures, using different messages and media, for a prospect to “get it”.  People very rarely make a purchase on first exposure.

An autoresponder is essential for your marketing business.   I will do a comparison that summarizes features, benefits, and costs associated with autoresponders used by the programs below.

See the detail page to learn more about autoresponders

Full Disclosure

I’m a “full disclosure” guy.  I want you to go into these programs with full knowledge of the costs, benefits, and even pitfalls you might encounter.  The list below is not just a “pull a random MLM name from the basket.”  I USE and PROMOTE each one of these programs (I use what I sell).  I’m also not asking for you to pick a program by throwing a handful of darts at the list and picking the one with the most hits.

How Can I Help?

I opened my first business in 1996 (8 years before I retired the first time from the corporate world) and have been a professional consultant for over 27 years.  Now that I am retired (per my wife, the third and FINAL time) and my consulting firm has closed its doors, I provide small business consulting services FOR FREE.   I WANT to help you get started in your own business.

Here’s the way this works

Each program has a detail page, with my overview and comments.  To access the DETAIL PAGE, click the link on the right column.

By clicking the banner in the left column, a new window will open that takes you to the program site where you can join that program.  Be sure you get YOUR affiliate link (the whole URL including http://) after you join, then go to the Profile link on this site (the little man  under your picture or avatar) and update your profile in the field for that program.  Be sure you SAVE your profile before leaving the page.

Here are the programs we will be discussing:
(click the banners on the left to join, click the link in the right column for the detail page)

Payspree Sniper


Instant Funnel Machine 

Clickbank Passive Income

Commission Black Ops
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(Paid Site)

(Free Replicated Site)

Instant Commission Sites as a Business

Downline Builders (free)

VStream TV (free affiliate program)


Pure Leverage

Safe ID Trust (US Only)

The Conversion Pros 

M&G Home Business



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