My Paypal Account Has Been Limited.



All Inactive Free Member Accounts Will Be Removed.  You can re-join for a new allocation of ads.

All Ads have been removed from the site for all members.  The site has been wiped.

Free members can re-join and receive a 5-pack of ads with Promo Code newmember.

Previously upgraded members will receive an email containing a promo code for JV or SJV

All ads will be highly scrutinized before approval.

  • No Crypto or Mining
  • No Easy Button or Get Rich Quick
  • No “Earn up to $…” statements
  • No Member-to-Member Payments
  • No PTC
  • No “Email Processing”
  • No CBD Products

It is these types of MEMBER ads that were quoted to me when I asked why MY ACCOUNT was restricted.  Admittedly, I have been fairly lenient for ad approvals in the past.  This will change going forward.

YES you CAN Promote for 

  • List Building
  • eBooks, training
  • Marketing Tools and Utilities
  • Traffic (no direct payment)
  • Safelist and Traffic Exchange Affiliate Signups
  • Valid products or services compliant with Paypal Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy.

Direct Payment Methods are being explored for upgrades, OTOs, and Ad Purchases going forward.

Rich Moyer – Admin