New Payment Methods

New Payment Methods and Expanded Ad Purchase Options

As you know, for whatever their motivation, P*yP*l has been slashing away at site owners and limiting accounts, mine included.  This means that I cannot BUY or SELL ads, or anything else using Paypal.

Solution:  A work in Progress

My response to this targeted anti-competetive action is to give my subscribers and prospects OTHER WAYS to make purchases.  Here is what I have done so far:

  • I created a Payment Gateway site on a secure server so any sales are not directly related to the safelist, website, or webpage.  The URL you will see for any direct payments is:

  • You login to the safelist site as you normally would.  Under Advertising on the NAV menu, there is a sub-menu Direct Payments that takes you to the secure payment site.

  • All purchases are added MANUALLY by the Admin.  The Admin will either manually add your purchase to your account or reply with a promo code that you can redeem that installs your purchase.

Choose your payment method. 

Stripe – MY preference would be to use Stripe (blue buttons), that allows payments from all major credit/debt cards. 

Solid Trust Pay (STP) – if you have an STP account, you can send money directly for the purchase amount.  Send to STP ID richard_moyer.  There is no notification so you must send a support ticket with your information.

Circle Pay – a nice little payment system that allows you to send money to other Circle members.  Join for free.  Simple to use. There is no notification so you must send a support ticket with your information.

Square Up – This allows me to take payments or on the phone through my cellphone app. 

UpHold – COMING SOON.  Allows payments from all major credit/debt cards. 

Coinpayments – COMING SOON.  Allows payments from all major credit/debt cards, Bitcoin, or using YOUR Paypal account. Note: Paypal offers a free Debit card tied to your Paypal account.  You can use the debit card to make purchases through any of the debit/credit card payment gateways.
What Safelist Ads can I buy?
Safelist Ads:

  • One-time-offer – at $10, this is an INCREDIBLE bargain.  Includes the SJV upgrade, a huge Ad Pack, tons of points that can be traded for ads, more monthly ads, higher rewards, shorter click timers,

  • 10,000 Credits for $10 – You can now trade points for most ad types: banners, buttons, text links, even solo ads, and HP Solo (high priority) solos.

  • Solo Ads – on sites that offer Solo Ads.  Since Credit Mailers are disabled, Solo Ads are your only email option to members on that site.  You can now trade points for solo ads, but this is an inexpensive alternative to credit mails.  These solo ads go to all members of that site.  Buy 1 for $1.60 or 10 for $10.00

  • SuperNetwork Solos – Each of our safelist sites is connected to one or more SuperNetworks.  A SuperNetwork solo ad goes  to all members on the MANY sites connected to that SuperNetwork. You do not need to be a member of all the sites – submit one SuperNetwork Solo: it gets PRIORITY delivery, goes to thousands of members on dozens of sites.  Saves time.  I offer different SuperNetwork Solos on each of the safelist sites.  These are inexpensive, sold at the lowest allowable price, and a great value.  Even cheaper per-ad when you buy in BULK.  (My secret that enables me to send 250,000 to 1,000,000 emails per day)

Other Sites

  • Frank Salinas Extreme Solos –  Private List of Internet Marketing Icon Frank Salinas. Normally sell for $250 Each.  I purchased a BLOCK of these ads with reseller rights.  I am reselling these Extreme Solo Ads for $99 each.  Discounts when you purchase more than one.  I have been getting 150 to 300 clicks per ad (this is, of course, subjective) and REAL SIGNUPS.


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