Now Pay with Coinpayments

New Payment Methods are being enabled this week that give you many more payment options for purchases.

Direct Payments Pages have been moved to a secure site.  You can access these pages to make purchases from Advertising ! Direct Payments.

Direct Payments using Credit/Debit Cards with Stripe, Coinpayments, SquareUp, or Solid Pay Trust will be accepted.  

This week, Coinpayments is being installed in all 7 sites:

  • SoloAdsWork
  • FunSoloAds
  • SuperLinkSolos
  • AeroMailsClub
  • AmazingTextAds
  • ViperTextAds
  • HotTextAds

Coinpayments allows dozens of cryptocurrencies AND has a Paypal Passthrough so you CAN pay using your Paypal account. 

You can purchase:

  • One-time-offer (OTO) for $10
  • 10,000 Credits for $10
  • Solo Ads $1.60 each or 10 for $10
  • Supernetwork Solos $2.49 to $3.99 each, or 5 Supersolos for $10 to $15
  • Supernetwork Traffic Links  $3.00 each for 500 clicks 

To give yourself more options, apply for a Paypal Debit Card so you can use your Paypal funds on sites that only accept credit/debit cards

Rich Moyer – Admin