Our Advertising Community News

I keep talking about an “Advertising Community”, and people may not know what that means. It is not only a group of physical sites, it is not only software, but INFORMATION, and PEOPLE.

First, as Admin, I want this blog to represent ALL of the components of our
“Advertising Community”. WHY? Because, even though the Admin Solos REWARD our members with the HIGHEST POINT VALUE for reading those notices, very few people are VIEWING them, and fewer are clicking the Credit Links to collect those reward points. As a long-time Admin and Blogger, I KNOW that people tend to CLICK ads of any kind for CREDIT, but they READ for CONTENT on blogs.

“Our Advertising Community” Blog:

Safelists and Mailers– membership advertising sites where members can VIEW ADS, POST ADS, and agree to receive Emails of posted advertisements. I will discuss Membership Levels, Offers, Features, Functions, Instructions, Strategy, Member Extras, and Tips and Techniques. Safelists are best suited for LIST BUILDING and NOT for selling STUFF. People primarily view ads for credits so THEY can send their ads.

Our Sites Include:

Upcoming Changes

Background: I currently own 6 safelists, rent 3 safelists (see above), and admin over 200 safelists owned by Dave Mosher. The safelist software on all my sites is outdated, requires back-level PHP on the host servers, and does not make it easy to make purchases or pay for upgrades. There are many inactive users who have left many dead links and the display queues are bloated with programs that are old and broken.

These are the sites I RENT that will be affected:

There should be little impact for those members on the three rental sites: FunSoloAds, ViperTextAds, and HotTextAds. I will continue as admin, but at the end of my respective rental period for each site, you will remain as members on those sites and be subject to the rules of the new admin or site owner. You are welcome to join any or all of the new sites (preferably in my downline).

FunSoloAds – expires on 4/25/2022
ViperTextAds – expires on 10/30/2022
HotTextAds – expires on 10/31/2022

These are the sites I Currently OWN that will be greatly affected:

SoloAdsWork, AeroMailsClub, SuperLinkSolos, AmazingTextAds, InstantCashEngine, 4AcesMailer

There is now an opportunity to move the sites I NOW OWN to the latest no-email technology on the fastest servers. A fresh start, with new and better features that ENTICE others to view your ads all from one place. I will still be acting as Admin for these sites, as I do for 200+ of Dave’s sites now, but Dave will take ownership of them.

Schedule. There is no conversion schedule currently, but hopefully by end of 2021, we have these sites converted to the new platform. The old sites will be gone completely once converted.

Here are some highlights of the new sites.

No More Emails. You will only receive ADMIN messages, announcements, and offers in your gmail inbox! Log into one “master” site, MasterSafelistMails, and view ALL your inbox ads for over 200 sites online without killing your gmail accounts!

Login once to access inboxes for over 200 sites through MasterSafelistMails. Select a site to view. View the last 50 inbox messages (credit, solo, hpsolo, Supersolos, listmail, referral mail) for a single site so you can earn the most credits FOR THAT SITE without sifting through thousands of messages in your gmail inbox. Get your credits (and hopefully take advantage of products and services being advertised), click the one-button login and post your ads, then move on to the next site you saved in My Sites.

Stored Passwords in MasterSafelistMails. Your userids and passwords for each of 200+ sites you select are stored for you in My Sites. No more fumbling for login information. This makes it possible for fast one-click login to that site so you can post your ads.

Ads you post will be IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE and ACCESSIBLE TO OTHER MEMBERS TO VIEW. No waiting for mailer queue delays before your message is sent BECAUSE IT IS NOT EMAILED.

Site Advertising Features

  • So Many Ways to “Send” Mail using Active Traffic. Credit Mail, Solos, HP Solos, SetNForget Solos, List Mails, Downline Mails, SuperSolos. These are the MOST EFFECTIVE advertising methods.
  • Huge selection of Passive Traffic Ads for long term advertising: Banners, Buttons, Textlinks, Login Sponsor Ads (these require login to the site to view)
  • You can JOIN all 200+ sites right from within MasterSafelistMails, then add them to MY SITES within MasterSafelistMails and save your login information to enable one-click login. WOW!!! So much advertising potential.

Things You Miss By Not Logging In to a Site . (You must still login to site to use many features, but one-click login gets you there faster)

  • You do not see OTOs, or Special Offers unless you login
  • You cannot REDEEM PROMO CODES unless you login.
  • You do not see Login Ads, Sponsor Ads, Banners, Buttons, Textlinks unless you login (except those banners and textlinks shown in mail headers).
  • You do not have the opportunity to enter the daily contest unless you login
  • You do not have access to Member Tools unless you login like Profile, Referral Tools, Ledgers, My Top 10, Affiliate Builder, Splashpage Builder, Favorites, Personal Builder.
  • You cannot PURCHASE, TRADE for Credits or POST ads of any kind unless you login.

Sooo… I recommend logging into each site at least once or more per month so you are registered as an ACTIVE MEMBER and receive your MONTHLY ADS! (Yes, even free ACTIVE members receive monthly ad packs). Better yet, login every day and enter the DAILY CONTEST so you at least get the free credits for viewing the site. I cannot tell you how many freebies I’ve gotten myself for just being a Daily Contest winner.

More Good Stuff

  • These will become Dave Mosher’s sites and with that, get the benefit of his unbeatable OTOs, special offers, seasonal promos, promo codes, and the lowest prices on Supersolos (and best deals since he OWNS the Supersolo Networks) . For example:
    • Affordable No Upgrade Ad Packages may include Site Ads and radically discounted Supersolos. $21 includes 15 Supers, $17 includes 12 Supers, $7 includes 5 Supers
  • Best Upgrade Offers for those who wish to get the MOST for their advertising dollar, AND earn the highest commissions by promoting the upgrade sites. For example:
    • 1 Year Straight-to-Elite upgrade for $37. Not a progressive upgrade. Fantastic ad/credit package that includes 25 Supersolos. Earns 50% Commission on EVERY SALE (no pass-ups). This would normally cost hundreds of dollars, even without the Supersolos.

  • Dave’s Newsletter – get headline news about deals and events including PROMO CODES for free ad/credit packs. Sign up in the member area of any of the sites in MasterSafelistMails (you only need to sign up once for the newsletter).

  • More Fresh Eyes on Your Ads.
    • Because these sites will be part of the massive MasterSafelistMails viewer control panel, more members from the other 200+ sites may join these sites.
    • Dave’s sites are renowned for their better-than-average growth and retention rates.
    • Dave will most likely include these sites in the promo code site offerings and newsletters
    • More Opportunity for Referrals. These sites offer great features, fantastic affordable upgrades that pay generous commissions, top notch affiliate tools.
    • More Opportunity to Earn Commissions. Dave is an industry leader and visionary being the first, and one of the FEW safelist owners who PAYS COMMISSION on OTOs, Special Offers, and SuperSolos sales to your downlines! Commissions are paid Straight-Line percentage based on membership level, with no pass-ups
Purchase Commissions10%20%30%40%50%
OTO Commissions10%20%30%40%50%
Offer Commissions10%20%30%40%50%
  • Many ways to pay and get paid. Dave was one of the first to get the axe by Paypal, and has been a pioneer and trendsetter in perfecting payment methods on safelists. In addition to debit/credit cards, crypto currency, and ORU (now called COUPON Wallet), he also accepts Zelle, Venmo, Ca$hApp, GooglePay, FacebookPay, and other direct-pay methods. Getting PAID also employs many of these methods. DAVE PAYS. GUARANTEED.

What This Means to You

Active Upgraded members on my sites will be given an equivalent upgrade on the new sites, with a generous starting ad package and even more with promo codes.

Active Free members will be carried over to the new sites as free members. You will receive a generous starting ad package and even more with promo codes.

Inactive members (upgraded or not) will NOT be carried over to the new sites. You are free to rejoin and receive a starting ad package and promo codes.

Your ads will not be carried over, and since the new sites will not have the same Supersolo networks, you will need to use up any Supersolos on the old networks. (You will not be compensated for unused ads or any unexpired ads of any kind).

Any commissions that have met the payment threshold of $20 will be paid by me. Request via helpdesk ticket until one week before the site is scheduled to move to the new format. HINT: Do it NOW!!!

Any commissions that have not met that threshold can be TRADED for SOLO ADS (at a value of $1 each) by submitting a helpdesk ticket until one week before the site is scheduled to move to the new format.


I’ve been a safelist owner and admin for 10 years. I’ve owned over 40 safelists, and have had a loyal, but not huge, following. I’ve earned a reputation for being honest, generous, and fair to my subscribers, and know that you will find that Dave has had a much wider reach, has an incredible mind for business, is far superior in his marketing abilities, and has earned HIS stellar reputation internationally.

This is the right move, at the right time, to the right technology, run by the MASTER. You will not be disappointed.

Rich Moyer