Our Advertising Community News

I keep talking about an “Advertising Community”, and people may not know what that means. It is not only a group of physical sites, it is not only software, but INFORMATION, and PEOPLE.

First, as Admin, I want this blog to represent ALL of the components of our
“Advertising Community”. WHY? Because, even though the Admin Solos REWARD our members with the HIGHEST POINT VALUE for reading those notices, very few people are VIEWING them, and fewer are clicking the Credit Links to collect those reward points. As an long-time Admin and Blogger, I KNOW that people tend to CLICK ads of any kind for CREDIT, but they READ for CONTENT on blogs.

Sections of “Our Advertising Community” Blog:

Safelists and Mailers– membership advertising sites where members can VIEW ADS, POST ADS, and agree to receive Emails of posted advertisements. I will discuss Membership Levels, Offers, Features, Functions, Instructions, Strategy, Member Extras, and Tips and Techniques. Safelists are best suited for LIST BUILDING and NOT for selling STUFF. People primarily view ads for credits so THEY can send their ads.

Our Sites Include:

Classified Ads – membership site where members can post ads for 7 days
for free. Classified Ads are different because people are actually viewing ads because they are interested in ITEMS FOR SALE in specific categories.

Rotators and Galleries – Inexpensive source for PASSIVE TRAFFIC. I Drive Traffic to Your Opportunities. I Do the Work, You Get the Views. YOUR Opportunities are shown in MY Galleries. I Send My Traffic to Your Opportunities.

Admin Notices – Important Admin bulletins that reflect policy, payments, and other administrative items that reflect YOUR membership and usage of these sites.

Admin Ads -I USE WHAT I SELL, and when something WORKS for ME, I pass it on to my subscribers. I’ve owned 3 companies, and I’ve been a professional consultant for 20+ years, helping companies get started, grow, and succeed. Small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, State and Federal Government agencies, and Military. Now that I am retired, I do this because I ENJOY helping people and like the challenge, and activity (I need to keep busy)

Member Extras – Free or low cost marketing reports, ebooks,  eCourses, and software to broaden YOUR perspectives, and help you grow YOUR BUSINESS.