Post Your Ads on a Startup Site

Why You Want To Post Your Ads on a Startup Site

The Math

  • If a site has 1,000 members
  • and each member has 20 banners…
  • that is 20,000 banners in rotation.
  • If you are lucky, you will see 3-4% ACTIVE members viewing those banners.

If a site has 100 members

  • and each member has 20 banners…
  • that is 2,000 banners in rotation.

It is more likely that a small startup site would have a higher percentage of ACTIVE members so there is a higher probability that your ad will be seen!

As with any site you join, submit some “seed” ads of each type so you can see how a site performs, but keep in mind that STARTUP sites take a little more patience and are growing so the site profile may change as the membership matures (in their marketing, silly – not old people). Check back in 2,4, and 8 weeks and adjust your ad submission strategy (hint: put on your calendar).

The key: get SOME ads out there so you are at the top of the rotation queue.

Take advantage of bargains and bonus offerings for Re-Launch sites that have a great launch and growth track record, reputable owners, and fast-growing memberships. Exploit the amazing list building potential by ALWAYS promoting to a LANDING PAGE that captures your leads in YOUR list or autoresponder.

Join and GROW your business using Small and STARTUP sites like those found on the next page.

Safelist Success Tip:

Only promote Landing Pages (lead capture) on safelists to BUILD YOUR LIST.  DO NOT SELL on safelists! Once they are on your list, use an autoresponder to provide them with INFORMATION about your program, and only send promotion emails every 4th or 5th message. 

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Rich Moyer