re: Frank Bauer’s endorsement of ORU

Many Affiliate Marketers and site owners have fallen victim to the Paypal hatchetman, but I have been building contingencies to maintain business continuity.  Enabling new payment methods has not been seamless, but, with only a short hiatus, my business is IN BUSINESS.

Many big names in this industry are now signing up for ORU: Frank Bauer, Dave Mosher, Frank Salinas, Frank Hester

Let’s understand that our industry has had it easy when it comes to payment processing.  Most OFFLINE businesses, for decades, have been held hostage by the banking industry, paying exorbitant monthly subscriptions, high transaction fees, and were required to purchase or lease expensive terminal hardware.  I was one of them for many years.  Paypal was a nice benefit once my business shifted from brick and mortar to online.

The reality: Employing several payment methods is a CONVENIENCE for the PURCHASER that business owners have shouldered because the lines between CUSTOMER and SELLER have blurred in online business. 
As to fees, YES ORU does have s $24.95 setup fee and charges $5.95 per month.  BUT  you are granted UNLIMITED USE with NO OTHER FEES!.  Let me tell you that my merchant account with the largest payment processor in the US was running $75 to $100 per month PLUS TRANSACTION FEES.  This was a COST OF DOING BUSINESS  If you whine about $5.95 per month with NO FEES, you obviously do not understand the realities of being IN BUSINESS.  You have been spoiled.

  • I am now offering ORU as my PREFERRED payment method. Why? Low cost and rewards. Credit/Debit, or Direct Payments.
  • I will continue to offer STRIPE until that other shoe drops.
  • I am offering Coinpayments that accepts Credit/Debit, supports Crypto, and has a Paypal Passthru.  Fees are high, but tolerable.
  • Over-the-phone Credit/Debit transactions using SquareUp (also high transaction fees)
  • Direct Payments with SolidTrustPay, Zelle, and Circle 
  • I will be offering Initiative Q once it gets off the ground later this year

The more you understand about today’s environment, and shift your mindset to being a BUSINESS rather than an uninformed CONSUMER, you will recognize the businesses who are enabling contingencies for BUSINESS CONTINUITY.  THESE are the companies that will SURVIVE!
I STRONGLY RECOMMEND adopting ORU, not only for payment processing, bit also for the no-fee VISA Debit Card or all your purchases.  Use Code RIC5550>>>>>

To make purchases on my sites, access Advertising ! Direct Payments.  Or go directly to the ORU Marketplace and search for the site name:SoloAdsWork,  FunSoloAds,  SuperLinkSolos,  AeroMailsClub,  AmazingTextAds, ViperTextAds,  or HotTextAds


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