Rotators and Galleries

Here is how it works…

You can now sign up for a PRIVATE ROTATOR SERVICE powered by MY RELIABLE AND TRUSTED TRAFFIC SOURCES that I use daily to send 250,000 to 1 Million Emails per Day.  New traffic sources are being added daily.

This is both a Rotator Service and Gallery Service – Two different views, two different presentations.

First, the Rotator is like many other rotators – simply drives traffic to all the approved URLs within that rotator.  Rotator Pricing is based on HITS, because someone must CLICK on your offer to see it.

Here is a BETTER opportunity to get eyes on your ads.  The Gallery presentation shows YOUR Text Description, with a button that takes the Gallery Viewer to YOUR webpage when clicked. This view is updated with Gallery buttons for each ad in the Gallery Rotator system. Since your Text Ad is displayed in the Gallery, you are PRE-SELLING your opportunity before the viewer actually clicks to see your webpage.  In my experience, the Gallery View is more likely to receive QUALITY CLICKS.

You can enter URLs into rotation for constant traffic and promotion – your choice of Rotator or Gallery.  I recommend the Gallery View to get optimum exposure and the most quality clicks by prospects actually INTERESTED in your offer.

  • You can edit / change your URLs anytime.
  • The URL Rotator System includes Click Tracking – see where YOUR clicks are coming from.
  • The URL Gallery System includes View and Click Tracking – see who is SEEING and CLICKING Your Ads!

Introductory Prices: 

  • Gallery Pkg #1 – 1,000 Gallery Views $1.00 
  • Gallery Pkg #2 – 5,000 Gallery Views $2.00 
  • Gallery Pkg #3 – 10,000 Gallery Views $3.00  
  • Gallery Pkg #4 – Unlimited Gallery Views for 1 Month $2.95 
  • Gallery Pkg #5 – Unlimited Gallery Views for 3 Months $5.95 
  • Gallery Pkg #6 – Unlimited Gallery Views for 6 Months $8.95OR…   
  • Rotator Pkg #1 -100 Rotator Hits $3.50
  • Rotator Pkg #2 – 500 Rotator Hits $5.50
  • Rotator Pkg #3 – 1,000 Rotator Hits $10.50

This is a HUGE source of GREAT TRAFFIC for your sites! Sign Up HERE for Details.