Safelists and Mailers

What is a Safelist?

A SAFELIST is a membership advertising site where members can VIEW ADS, POST ADS, and agree to receive Emails of posted advertisements.

Safelists, generally allow you to join for free, but offer upgrades to higher Membership Levels that include more privileges, advertising features, more ad types, more advertising power, more and better rewards, which could include point rewards, contests, and possibly commissions.

Members generally receive a starter pack of ads and credits when joining as a free member, and each upgrade allocates a bigger package with more privileges simply for upgrading.

Safelists are best suited for LIST BUILDING and NOT for selling STUFF. People primarily view ads for credits so THEY can send their ads.

Features and Functions vary by site and software. Here are most of the most common features. All require that you are minimally a free member, and that you have confirmed your email identity.

Instructions, Strategy, Member Extras, and Tips and Techniques.