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Screencast-O-Matic is video creation software installed on your PC. This does not work on Android tablets/smartphones or iPad/iPhone.

I upgraded to the paid version (because I create so many videos) but the free version works just fine for the beginner.  I like this program because it allows me to save the captured video on my hard drive, to the Screencast-O-Matic site (paid members only), or submit to YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, or DropBox.  I always keep an archive copy of my videos on my hard drive (which is backed up to the Cloud using GotBackup), I send a copy to my channel on YouTube, and I store in my video vault on WorldProfit (which can be viewed on  When saving or uploading your file, you can have Screencast-O-Matic run in the background.  It only takes slightly longer, but it does not noticeably slow down your machine.

I think the free version has a limit on how long your recording could be, and there are ads visible.   These limitations are not in the paid version.   Your subscription is for a term of one year for the upgrade.

Starting a Recording

For video recording, you set preferences so you are recording screen capture, the webcam, or both.  In my case, I use multiple monitors, so I can select the screen I want to record. I can expand or narrow this screen capture as much as I want (ie. if you have several applications running in split screen but you only want to capture one of them).

You can position and size the webcam overlay.  While you are setting your preferences, there is a volume meter that shows your audio, and you can select the microphone (on the webcam, your default microphone on your system, a wired or bluetooth headset, etc.)

I normally use two screens – my laptop monitor, and an extended desktop which is displayed on my second high definition monitor. I like to position the screen capture on my high def monitor.

Whenever you start or resume a recording, you will see a 3-2-1 countdown on the screen.

Once you start recording, the options that were in effect at the time your recording started are in effect until you pause or stop the recording.  So, if you want to eliminate the Webcam window so you have only screen capture, you must pause, make the preferences change, then restart the recording.

When you are done recording, you click Pause.   The only issue I have had with Pause is that sometimes, if you have the Windows Taskbar on the bottom, the Record/Pause buttons may be hidden behind the Windows icon.  I have gotten around this by positioning the task bar on the right.

Once you click Pause, you are presented with a RECORD button that you would use to resume recording, a DONE button that presents your save options, or a TRASHCAN icon that will ask if you want to start over or quit and delete.

Other Video Capture and Video Editing Choices

Screencast-O-Matic does not have a video editor.

Windows Movie Maker is a free movie maker and editor program that was included with previous versions of Windows, but is not supported for Windows 10.  You can still download Movie Maker if you really want it.

NCH has a video capture tool called Debut Video Capture, and a companion product called VideoPad is the editor I like.  Debut does not have the webcam overlay. I like VideoPad as an editor.  Both Debut and VideoPad have an annual subscription.

Screen capture can be done in Google Hangouts, or Skype.  Both are free.

My Web Conference software and in Pure Leverage can also be used to do recordings but there is no editor.

Likewise with the WorldProfit Video Studio.  WorldProfit does not have a video editor.

I don’t recommend using the built-in video recorder on your tablet or cellphone to do screen capture.  It may be OK for selfies or if you have an assistant, but those video formats must be converted and you must find a video editor that is compatible with that file format.

Most landing page creators, or even WordPress blogs will support standard video formats but you generally must use either the YouTube URL or the iFrame embed code.  I have not had success embedding my smartphone videos without first converting them.

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