Step 3

Basic Tools and Organization

One of the biggest failures of new entrepreneurs, besides record-keeping, is organization.

I hear some old-school guys (who are even technical wizards), that they take notes using pencil and paper.  Sorry, but I left my fossils behind.  I have subscribed kicking and screaming to the digital age.

There is no right or wrong, but I can pass on what I do, what works for me, and you are free to follow that, or come up with something on your own. Something you should know: I am a POWER USER of everything I touch.   I USE WHAT I SELL,and sometimes sell what I use.

Essential Tools  (each has their own Resources Page)

  • Google Tools (free) – I use virtually all, but my absolute necessities are Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks.

  • Microsoft Office – Word, Excel, PowerPoint

  • RoboForm – Password management synchs with all platforms.  Join for $9 for first year.

  • EverNote – Free.  This is where I store all of my ready-to-go ad copy

  • DropBox – Free.  Secure Cloud Storage that synchs with all platforms. Drop and Drag with Windows Explorer,  Handy for sharing with others

  • Viral Mail Profits – Ad organizer and scheduler. Cuts your promotion time significantly.  Free to join but upgrade to Silver is recommended

  • Referral Frenzy – 91+ traffic sources. Cuts your promotion time significantly. Absolutely WORTH it!

  • JitBit Autotext – Multiple clipboards. Save and create keyboard shortcuts for common things you type over and over.

  • Down Line Builder Caddy – builds a database of your referral IDs and URLs and quickly captures and updates downline builders on safelists and TAEs.

  • Screencast-O-Matic – video creation software

  • Filezilla – FTP tool – absolute necessity

  • Accounting Software – Quicken or QuickBooks for business accounting, but a spreadsheet will suffice when first starting out.

  • Microsoft Windows Accessories
    • Paint – Graphical editor included with every version of Windows
    • Snipping Tool – Screen Capture tool included with every version of Windows
    • WordPad or Notebook – Simple text editing tools included with every version of Windows
    • Speech Recognition – Allows you to “dictate” – after it is “trained” to your voice, it gets better every time you use it.

  • 7-Zip – Archival/Extraction tool for Zip format files and other archive formats

  • Antivirus – NEVER go on the internet WITHOUT antivirus!

  • MalwareBytes – anti-malware plugin for Chrome and Firefox

  • Backup and Recovery – Not If, but When.  Hardware fails.

  • MLM Recruit On Demand – Overcome your fear of Telephone Sales with $15 Lifetime program that has the best Telephone Sales training that I’ve found.