Stop Reading Inbox Safelist Emails!

Reading Inbox Safelist Emails?

 You Are Missing Out On Credits!

Do you have a SAFELIST PLAN?  How about this…

Stop Reading Safelist Emails from your inbox.

Why?  When reading credit mail from your inbox, you are gathering points but you are all over the map, and not accumulating enough points on any one site to send a CREDIT MAIL or SOLO AD!

Get into the habit of LOGGING ON TO SAFELISTS YOU HAVE JOINED so you focus your point clicking to where you will be sending your ads from!

  • Receive login bonus points
  • Receive points from Sponsor Ads
  • Receive points from Login Ads
  • Receive points from Daily Bonus
  • Receive points from Daily Promo Codes
  • View Solo ads, Supernetwork Solos, Admin Solos, and Credit Mails
  • View Supernetwork Solos for 2x or 3x credits during Happy Hour
  • All banners and text ads are CLICKABLE and can earn points
  • Use stats to see which ad types are getting views and clicks.  Some sites are great for banner and text ad traffic.  Some are not.  Only promote using effective ad types

Be SMART with safelists and they can be INCREDIBLY EFFECTIVE

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We LOVE Active Members!

Rich Moyer