Too Much Info? Instant Cash Promo Codes and ORU Marketplace Explained.

Too Much Info? Instant Cash Promo Codes Explained.

You have been seeing a flood of ads about Instant Cash Promo Codes.  There is a lot of information, and most people don’t get past the first couple lines of the promotion ad copy before their head explodes.  I’m going to break this down into a manageable task list that ANYONE CAN FOLLOW.

Why Do You Need Instant Cash Promo Codes?

If you are doing affiliate marketing of any kind, you need PLACES to promote so you can BUILD YOUR LIST so you can SELL YOUR STUFF by promoting TO YOUR LIST.  Yes, I’m saying DO NOT SELL on SAFELISTS.  ICPC and the associated sites will give you ACCESS to a pool of 300,000 Active Members, and give you a MASS of ads on each site.

ICPC also gives you the opportunity to invite others to join ORU Marketplace.  ORU is how you receive funds for ICPC Gold upgrade sales.  You receive $10 for each member who joins ORU, and $20 for each ICPC Gold Upgrade.  ORU also rewards you with Incentive payments for being  active in ORU Marketplace.

What is Instant Cash Promo Codes (ICPC)?

A massive downline builder consisting of 80+ sites.  Gold members receive exclusive promo codes for each site in the downline builder that gives them 400 Solos, Banners, Buttons, and Text Links OVER AND ABOVE the ad packs they receive for joining these sites.

Can you join ICPC and stay a free member?

Yes, you can join for free, and use the downline builder, but you will not receive the promo codes that give you 400 Solos, Banners, Buttons, and Text Links.

You can join each of the sites from the  ICPC Downline Builder  and receive the standard new member free ad pack and promo codes.

You can PROMOTE these sites individually and receive commissions FROM THOSE SITES as a normal affiliate.

You can promote ICPC, but you will not receive commissions from ICPC as a free member.  When you update the ICPC Downline Builder with your referral link for each site you join, the ICPC referral member is placed in your downline for the SITE but will be an ICPC referral to YOUR SPONSOR, who will receive the $20 for the Gold upgrade.

How to Get Started

There are two elements to Joining Instant Cash Promo Codes

  • Join ICPC as a Free Member.  ( Click the Credit Link)
    • If you plan to upgrade to GOLD (this is where you get the 80 Promo Codes), DO NOT FILL OUT THE DOWNLINE BUILDER YET
  • Upgrade to Gold.
    • If you are already an ORU member, you can send $20 to Richard Moyer = richardmoyer
    • If not an ORU Member, you must Join ORU Marketplace.
    • IMPORTANT: Use my ORU Sharing Code RIC5550
    • The one-time setup fee is $24.95, and there will be a $5.95 per month fee.
    • You will receive your ORU Debit Card in several weeks, but you can make purchases from your balance in ORU Myfunds until your card arrives.
    • Once you have joined ICPC, and paid using ORU MyFunds, WAIT!!! I will receive notification of payment (it is usually fairly quick) and I must manually do the Gold Upgrade in ICPC MySignups.
    • Before filling out the Downline Builder, BE SURE YOUR GOLD UPGRADE IS APPLIED.

For existing ORU members

If you are already in ORU  just load your funds and make purchases.

You must have a balance in Myfunds to make purchases.  If you have not received money from anyone in Myfunds, here is a tip on how to add money to your myfunds.

Go to MyFunds, and then Purchase ADVT Credits, select the amount or put an amount in OTHER, and select pay with credit card. Then within about 45 minutes or so, those funds show show in your MyFunds area.  For me, it took 24 hours to show up in Myfunds.

Hint:  Load MyFunds with 5 dollars more than you need to cover any fees YOUR BANK may apply.  My balance after the transfer was $2.30 less for $50 dollars.

Complete Your ICPC Profile

This is CRITICAL. Update your Profile with your ORU User ID and ORU Ref Code then SAVE

Downline Builder

This is the HEART of Instant Cash Promo Codes.  This will take some time.

  • Join EACH SITE. You can have multiple Gmail addresses so  I recommend using a DIFFERENT GMAIL ADDRESS as your email for all sites you join from ICPC.  You will receive TONS of emails  (Here is how to create Gmail filters)
  • Verify your email (check your SPAM folder)
  • After signing in, tons of offers will be shown. HINT: These One-Time-Offer (OTO) packages are WORTHWHILE but skip them for now.
  • Bookmark the login page in your browser (Click the star on the address bar). I suggest creating a new folder on the bookmark bar for Instant Cash Promo Codes
  • View the login ads and sponsor ads until the timers expire.  A couple seconds of your time could yield a few to thousands of credits (random number).
  • Redeem your site Promo Codes.  Most times these promo codes are listed in your member area on each site or under Bonuses.  Generally you redeem them either on the member area home page or look for a Nav Menu button like REDEEM PROMO CODE.
  • Redeem your ICPC Promo Code.  This can be found below the banner for each site in the ICPC Downline Builder
  • MemberTools!Profile:  Update your profile with your picture (business-like, not some goofy avatar) and payment info.  Save it.
  • MemberTools!ReferralTools: Get your Referral URL, and optionally 468×60 Banner URL, 125×125 Button URL, 600×300 Login Ad URL
  • Hint: store these in a spreadsheet like Google Sheets – one row per site. My columns are Sitename, CloakedURL, BannerURL, ButtonURL, LoginAdURL, ReferralURL, MemberLevel (I suggest cloaking with SoManyHits)
  • Update the ICPC Downline Builder with the whole Referral URL and click Update

Promoting ICPC

  • Use your Referral URL (preferably cloaked with SoManyHits), Banner graphics, Button graphics, Login Ad graphics, and Ad Copy in MemberTools!Referral Tools to promote Instant Cash Promo Codes.
  • Credit MailSolo Ads, and Supernetwork Solos are your MOST EFFECTIVE advertisements.  Vary subject lines on credit mail or solo ads.  I usually create 4-5 different subject lines for each ad copy.
  • Dave Mosher has promotions for ICPC handled for the sites in the Downline Builder but I have tons of other places (free or paid) in my Resource file.

Promoting Other Affiliate Programs

  • Sell your STUFF to YOUR LIST using autoresponders or broadcasts, or by using Classified Ad Sites or other sites like City Pennysaver.
  • Create Products in ORU Marketplace. Use the Product URL in ORU Marketplace to advertise and direct your prospects to those products.
    • See what I have done with Direct Payment Pages – I created a button that redirects to my ORU Marketplace Product for that item.  This could get technical but this is a topic for another day.

I am here to HELP.  ASK!!!

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