toresponse to Safelist eMail

Admin Notice

Autoresponse to Safelist eMail 

Autoresponse to emails are a violation of the TOS on just about all safelists.  It is treated like a BOUNCE and affects mailing scores, which could substantially reduce the mailer site ability to send volume emails, or even result of suspension of mail privileges by the safelist hosting provider. 

The Admin email is not monitored.  I just happened to be checking the system logs.

Whether it is an autoresponse or a solicitation email to the Admin no-reply account, it still is treated like a BOUNCE by the hosting provider.

YOU WILL RECEIVE ONE WARNING then suspension or permanent deletion of your safelist account.

Please remove your autoresponse reply, or cease and desist sending your solicitation link in response to email messages.  I recommend using a separate GMAIL account for marketing emails that does not have autoresonse enabled. 

Rich Moyer –  Admin