Viral Mail Profits – Ad Organizer and Scheduler.

Organize and Speed Up Your Promotion Time

Viral Mail Profits (VMP) is much more than an ad organizer and scheduler.

  • You start by defining all of your safelist and mailer sites, including userid and password, so automation can login you in and submit your ad seamlessly
  • If the site you define is not already known to VMP, you still define all the information about the site, and VMP facilitates faster login and ad submission using copy/paste.
  • Set up your Categories (I use this for the project name).
  • Set up one or more subject lines to use with your ads in each category,
  • Set up one or more ad bodies to use with the subject lines within each category

When ready to promote an ad to a site

  • Select the category.  You choose one or more sites (you can multiple-select by holding the control key while clicking).
  • You will be shown the subject lines and ad body selections in that category
  • Click Send.  This does not actually send the ads at this point, but puts them into the send queue.

To actually send or schedule the ads 

  • Go to the Send queue and click the email icon for each system you want that ad to be sent.
  • The sending experience could still require your intervention, but it actually makes the process easier
  • Click the LOGIN link, and VMP opens the site to the login prompt.  You can copy and paste your userid and password from VMP to the actual login fields on the site.
  • Copy and paste your subject line from VMP to the subject line on your site
  • Copy and paste your ad body from VMP to the ad body on your site
  • Copy and paste your URL from VMP to the URL on your site.  Notice that this looks different than what you had originally entered when you defined the ad.  Be sure to use the URL that VMP created – it is cloaked to prevent hacking and contains the tracking code that gives you the accurate statistics.
  • Once your ad is submitted, if you have a credit amount or in the case of a Solo ad, the number of members on that site, enter it into the VMP window so tracking statistics are accurate.

While this sounds complex, because everything is in one place, organized, and you simply copy/paste from one window to another, it actually makes ad submission MUCH FASTER, and because it is faster and easier, you are more likely to submit MORE promotions.

Downline Builder

There is an extensive Downline Builder – a great way to expand your advertising reach and gain ads and credits to use in your promotions. AND, when you get referrals, when your referrals join the downline builder sites, they become YOUR referrals for those sites, which can reward you with cash and/or credits.  (See Downline Builder Caddy for more insights on Downline Builders).

Check Out The Video


VMP cuts your promotion time significantly.  When combined with the free browser plug-in, Ulti-Send, VMP is transformed to an automatic ad submission machine,

VMP is free to join but the upgrade to Silver is recommended. Upgraded members get more mailing points per month (yes, VMP is also a mailer itself), and they get free access to Ulti-Send.

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