What are Safelist Offers

Offers vary by site, and capabilities of the site software. My sites include:

  • One-Time Offers (OTO) – shown at login. As the name implies, these are generally high value offers at a drastically discounted price. They are shown ONCE when you first login after joining, or upgrading. I believe that new members should be given an opportunity to EXPERIENCE the site before making a decision to purchase, so I generally offer “2nd Chance OTOs”.
  • Login Offers – similar to OTOs but an upsell or downsell from the OTO. If you missed the OTO, these offer an opportunity to get upgrades or ad packs at a discount from retail pricing inside the site.
  • Promo Codes – One-time-use codes that can be redeemed for upgrades, blocks of ads, or credits. All my sites offer Promo Code newmember, a nice package that gives new members an enhanced starter package in addition to joining or upgrade ad packs,
  • Ad hoc Offers – The Admin will occasionally create short-term offers highlighting special pricing, specific timeframes, or product availability