What is YOUR Gmail Reputation?

What is your Gmail Reputation and Why Is It Important?

Google calculates a “reputation score” that determines how, or whether, your mail is delivered.  This score is based on many factors:

  • The Sender Domain reputation score (blacklisted, popularity, performance, bounce rates)
  • The Sender Email (blacklisted, popularity, performance, SPAM reports)
  • The Receiver Behavior (activity, opens, clicks, time on page)

So, due to many factors beyond YOUR control, the sender, and your own behavior, the majority of your messages may not be delivered to people you WANT to receive, open, and click on your ad.  And Google does not SHARE the scoring criteria!
How do you combat this filtering without having a PhD in Network Marketing and Statistics?
My suggestions:

  • Chose a HANDFUL OF SITES to test.
  • Post your ads of different types.  See which ad types are getting VIEWS and CLICKS.  This shows ACTIVE members (Do you realize that only a small percentage of members on ANY safelist are ACTIVE?)
  • Encourage Referrals and others to LOGON TO THE SITE to read messages to earn credits.
  • Place a statement at the beginning or end of your email:
    “Improve your Marketing Results – LOGIN TO THE SITE to READ ADS!”

Why is this true?

  • You can focus your attention on accumulating CREDITS on the sites where you WANT to place YOUR Ads!
  • When clicking every mail message in your inbox, you may be getting credits, but they are spread over MANY sites.
  • When clicking every ad on the site, (credit mail, Solo, text message) you are concentrating your efforts to that site, which results in MORE CREDITS FASTER so you can send your ads.
  • You don’t CARE about Gmail’s reputation score – it is irrelevant.

There are many other advantages to logging on to a safelist:

  • You see ad types, bonuses, promo codes, and specials you DON’T see on emails: Login/Sponsor Ads, Daily Bonus, Banners and Textlinks, Site-only ads (headlines, billboards)
  • You can SURF traffic sites (Many of these have GREAT content)
  • Member Extras only found on these sites.
  • Set up YOUR surf sites to get your ads and websites SEEN

Did you know?  

  • You can promote this site by offering a free eCourse, marketing report, or ebook.  It costs you NOTHING. Pick one.  Invite people to get it by joining THIS SITE as a free member and also get free promo codes
  • You can use everything in Members ! Referral Tools to promote this site
  • You can use the step-by-step process, resources, and Done-For-You ad copy I have provided.

There are great Benefits when you have REFERRALS:

  • You get the Referral in YOUR downline
  • You can send messages to your referrals
  • You earn points when referrals login
  • You earn points when referrals earn points
  • You earn commissions when referrals upgrade
  • You earn commissions when referrals make purchases
  • When referrals join sites in the extensive Downline Builder they become referrals to YOU on THOSE SITES TOO



Rich Moyer – Admin