You are missing opportunities to build your list

Hi.  Rich Moyer here – admin

I noticed that many of you are posting raw affiliate URLs for your ads.  A couple suggestions:

1. Cloak and track your links.  If you don’t track them and see which are performing, and those that are not generating clicks, you cannot hope to improve your marketing effectiveness.  (track for free with SoManyHits, ViralURL, LeadsLeap)

2. Raw affiliate links are building THEIR LIST and not yours.   

3. Do NOT Sell products or services on Safelists.  Safelists are great for BUILDING YOUR LIST, but not making SALES.  Only SELL to YOUR LIST. Without a List, You Have No Network Marketing Business.Without FOLLOWUP to Your List You Make No Money.

People rarely buy on first exposure to a product or service, in fact, it takes 7-11 exposures to move someone from…

Lead (curious) 

to  Prospect (interested)   

to   Potential Buyer (making buying decision)

They are looking for INFORMATION, not sales pitches.

By capturing that lead and doing the FOLLOWUP, YOU become the authority that provides that information and are positioned to make that sale when THEY are ready to make that buying decision!

Are you throwing stones at birds on a wire?

If you are just promoting affiliate pages without capturing those leads FIRST so you can provide that information, it is like you are throwing stones at birds on a wire…

You may or may not hit one, but one thing for sure, you will NEVER be able to contact any of them again!

Network Marketing is a PROCESS

I would like the opportunity to talk with you about your business and how you use this traffic and explain some things that might help you in your business and make a difference for you  I could explain to you about  the PROCESS of network marketing and how to make it work properly. Only after you change what you are doing now, will you start to see results in your own business. 

It’s very confusing environment out there. . everybody is coming at you. They show many different offers. And they promise unrealistic results. I’m not going to do that. 

I just added 3 video recordings of my Live Business Center discussion

While I do recommend the WorldProfit Silver Membership for the training, tools, and traffic sources, any way you look at it, building your list should be your priority, and learning how to do followup to that  list is how you are going to make any money.

Why You Need an Autoresponder 

You CAN promote affiliate programs without an autoresponder, but…
You NEED to BUILD and FOLLOWUP with your LIST.  It’s simply too hard without an autoresponder. 

  1. I consider an autoresponder an ESSENTIAL TOOL that EVERY network marketer MUST HAVE.  It is a cost of doing business. That being said, I can show you how to create a second stream of income with most popular autoresponders.  See me to discuss YOUR business, and to make the right choices. 
  2. Focus on EMAIL MARKETING to get the best results.  Passive Traffic vehicles like Banners, text ads, and rotators are OK (if the site delivers views and clicks) but you are looking to BUILD YOUR LIST and Create Streams of Income by sending INFORMATION and promotions to that list.  I’m talking about (lowest to highest effectiveness)

Market Segmentation
– Low End

– Low to Medium (addresses a higher number of viewers)

– High End

I am here to help.

Get the RESOURCES and PROCESS I personally use that enable me to send 250,000 to 1,000,000 emails per day, and stay on the leader boards.

>>>>> Click this Link – a good example of a GREAT Lead Capture Page


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