Purchased Leads

The Issue:  Purchased Leads

I have mixed feelings about purchasing leads in bulk.  For one thing, I want to be sure how FRESH, how RELEVANT, and HOW THEY WERE OBTAINED.I have had both good and bad experiences with purchased leads.
What Makes a Lead Good?Well, the obvious answer from the peanut gallery, is, “Did They Buy Stuff?”  WRONG.

You need to qualify that a little better, because even the known “buyers” rarely buy on first exposure to ANYTHING!  It takes seven to eleven or more exposures for someone to “get it”, recognize and understand a product or service enough to CONSIDER a buying decision, and maybe even longer to build enough trust in YOU to make a move.

So, if you were to say that you have been sending your split tested ads to a demographically similar audience over a period of time using the various cognitive media (visual, audible, and kinesthetic) and your comparative statistics are above/below your expectations, then THAT is a statement.

Excuse me, but it’s getting pretty crowded with my massive staff of analysts vying for position around the statistics screen… you might know them:  Me, Myself, and I.

But seriously, it takes more than a cursory glance to make a decision on whether or not your leads are good.

It Could Have Been ME.

Early on, I just could not bring myself to do cold calling leads.  My buddy has been at the top of the leader boards for as long as I have known him – we’re talking years!  He  kept telling me that the secret to closing a sale is TALKING TO PEOPLE.

What’s funny is that I spent many years in technical support sometimes with 4-5 people on hold, juggling calls all day long.  The difference is that they were calling ME for my experience and expertise.  I was a techie and a consultant.  I couldn’t sell.  I was very out of my element with marketing and sales… or was I?

One day, the lightbulb went on.  In fact these people I was calling were ALSO in need of my expertise, THEY JUST DIDN’T KNOW IT!   So rather than calling someone to SELL something, I call them to HELP them.  I lead with “This is not a sales call. I am responding to your request for information.   I’m a retired professional consultant and there is no charge.  I just want to understand what you are looking for, and I want to answer your questions.”

This, in fact, is true. In the corporate world, I was a professional consultant, and even before I retired, I had first opened my consulting firm in 1996.

My Opinion of Leads Changed

So, if I were to approach purchased leads ONLY using email marketing, I would probably say that all the thousands of leads I had purchased were bad.  In fact, when I started to take some different approaches, my opinion of many of the leads I had purchased changed.

I started to approach these leads in different ways.   I use an outgoing call service called Call Loop.   I will set up outgoing recorded calls (in my own voice) that offers my assistance in getting the information the lead was seeking when they signed up on our website.  One Sunday a couple weeks ago, I sent out 10 Call Loop calls.  My Call Loop message,mentions that I am following up with an email that has my contact information.,

I got callbacks from three people, and while I didn’t see any immediate conversions, based on the conversation we had, two of those people had actually called me a couple months later to tell me they subscribed to the program I had recommended for them.

I won’t be trashing any lead companies since I based my original opinions on email response alone.  Here are some thoughts on leads with which I had a good response:

  • MLM Recruit On Demand
    As I mentioned before, this program is absolutely worth the $15 one-time charge for the telephone sales training by Ryan Gunness.  You also get 100 leads forever.  When you go through the first 100, and are diligent about rating the leads you attempted to contact, MLMROD will keep replenishing them ad infinitum.  I found poor response to email contacts.  There were many bad emails and phone numbers, but all you have to do is mark the status as such and they will be replaced.

  • WorldProfit
    I purchased leads from George Kosch and got some good response to Call Loop messages that yielded some free associates, but no conversions.  I’m about half way through that list.

  • The Conversion Pros
    These are some of the best purchased leads I have ever used.  Emails and phone numbers were accurate, and while I did not get conversions for TCP, I actually have gotten conversions into other programs. Again, the consultative approach found a better match.

  • Boost My Online Biz
    Jury is still out.  I have about 7000 leads.  Here is a snapshot of my email broadcast statistics:

  • USA Lead Club
    Not very good email response.  I did not attempt phone contact at the time.

  • Pennies for Profits
    Not very good email response.  I did not attempt phone contact at the time.Interesting.  I loaded about 19,000 leads from P4P and USA Lead Club into the ProMailer – included with the LSN Entrepreneur membership.  Here are the stats from ProMailer:

    Emails Sent


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